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Critically discuss and analyse 2012 London Olympic play in their capacity to generate social, cultural, economic and tourism impacts - Essay Example

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This is because of the many perceived benefits that the competitions have on the particular economy of the host countries (Alexander 2008, p. 130; Wang 2009, p, 56). Large…
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Critically discuss and analyse 2012 London Olympic play in their capacity to generate social, cultural, economic and tourism impacts
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Extract of sample "Critically discuss and analyse 2012 London Olympic play in their capacity to generate social, cultural, economic and tourism impacts"

Download file to see previous pages Hosting the Olympic Games has also been something that many countries want to be associated with especially when it comes to hosting (Tcha 2004, p. 312). The history of the Olympics back to Athenian period, where they are thought to have originated from (Veraros, Kasimati & Dawson 2004, p. 749-50). Since then, the competitions have developed and increased in the number of sporting events and the manner in which the competitions are organized.
The Olympic Games are usually held after every four years, compared to other sporting events that in most cases take place on a biennial basis. Organization of the Olympic Games is a mandate of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), a body that was initiated in 1894 with current headquarters in Britain. Currently, many countries across the world dream of hosting the Olympic games after the time required, there is always a lot of bidding for hosting rights of the sporting event.
The motivation to host these events is usually preceded by the thought of perceived benefits that the events pose to the state (Caporale, Economou & Philippas, 2008, p. 10; Berman, Brooks & Davidson 2000, p. 785). Previously, statistics and records compiled at the end of the Olympic Games show that in spite of the huge costs incurred in preparations for hosting of the events, there are huge benefits derived from successful Olympic Games.
The 2012 Summer Olympics were also commonly referred to as the 2012, and were a major international multi-sport event that were held and celebrated in the tradition of the Olympic games. These events took place in the London capital in the United Kingdom in the 2012 and attracted more than 200 nations with over 10, 000 athletes taking part in the different athletics categories. Following a successful bid, London was able to outwit other fierce rivals in the hosting process that included Russia’s Moscow, the New York City of United ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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