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An Investigation into the Effects of the 2012 London Olympics - Dissertation Example

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The main aim of the research "An Investigation into the Effects of the 2012 London Olympics" is take a closer look at the Olympic games and the advantages accruing from these games. A number of host countries have failed to fully utilize the opportunities brought about by these games…
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An Investigation into the Effects of the 2012 London Olympics
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Extract of sample "An Investigation into the Effects of the 2012 London Olympics"

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This literature review focuses on the basic theories to be considered in the influencing of an investigation into the effects of the 2012 London Olympics. This review is divided into three main sections i.e. the paradox of globalization and localization, strategy perspective, and impact of culture.
 The paradox of globalization and localization: According to the theory of globalization and localization, the global convergence is mainly composed of convenience, low cost and high frequency of international communication, transportation and travel (De Wit & Meyer 2004). With the development of technology, the issue of distance has been overcome, and this has been a major boost in the Olympic games, considering that each time these games are held in different countries. This has improved the relationship amongst countries globally since they have become more closer than before. In the recent past, globalization has become extremely important expecially in the development of international strategy which includes global products and brands. With the opportunity of being the host country of the Olympic games, London opens doors for a markets, as well as target customers for global products and brands. Although there is the adoption of a standardized strategy, which might be desirable under certain conditions, we cannot ignore the fact that there are several constraints to restrict the development and implementation of a standardized strategy.
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