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Global tourism - Assignment Example

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The city has gained positive image among the visitors, and is able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding travelers. The capital of Norway has managed to combine old architectural…
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Global tourism
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Extract of sample "Global tourism"

Download file to see previous pages Every winter Oslo hosts numerous winter sports competitions in the famous Holmenkollen National Ski Arena. Thus, Oslo is an outstanding tourist-friendly location, which has much to offer.
The capital of Norway is multinational and diverse city, which is not very typical to Scandinavian cities as for a long time emigration prevailed immigration. Now Oslo is one of the fastest-growing cities in Scandinavian countries that is why the population increases rapidly, and the city authorities has to tackle a number of social problems, and high immigration rate is one of the first (Kemp, 2008). In the last two years the population exceeded in 2%, and the number of residents is expected to grow in 40 % in the next few decades. Such boost of population is explained by higher life expectancy and rising birth rate (Savage, 2014). Norwegian economy continues to grow in spite of European crisis attracting migrant labor from less developed countries. Therefore, immigrants from Poland, Latvia, Pakistan and other countries become new residents of Oslo. This will cause additional demand for working places in the country, and the tourist sphere will be the one which will be able to offers such places.
The capital immigration flow started in 60-s when oil was discovered in the North Sea, thus the city has already elaborated its mechanisms of integration for the new comers. Oslo was ranked as the second in the Intercultural Index Cities list, which means that it has managed to establish stable and effective policy framework with recourses and actions implemented in life (Oslo intercultural profile, 2012). Two years ago the city has introduced a new policy directive “City Government Decision 152/12 - Diversity Opportunities”, that is a modern statement of the city’s goals and perspectives, developing along with a direction first represented in 2001 with the founding of the OXLO Oslo Extra Large campaign. Encouraging immigrant inflow into the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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