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The advantages of visiting Barcelona - Essay Example

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In the descriptive essay "The advantages of visiting Barcelona" the author aims to describe the attractiveness of the city for a tourist. Barcelona is a capital city of the Catalonia region in Spain, which attracts million of tourist every year…
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The advantages of visiting Barcelona
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Extract of sample "The advantages of visiting Barcelona"

Tourists Barcelona, Spain In this descriptive essay, I am going to describe Barcelona the capital of Catalonia in Spain. Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia in Spain (Williams 1) and the headquarters of the Union for the Mediterranean. It has a population of 1,620,943 people and uses Catalan and Spanish as the official languages and Euro as the city currency. The city situates on the northeast coast of the Iberian Peninsula, 41:18:07N 2:05:31E, and Central European Time zone. Barcelona is the largest metropolis located between river Llobregat and river Besòs. The Serra de Collserola mountain range surrounds the city to the west. Barcelona has great influence on commerce, arts, science, entertainment, and education. The city is a major tourist destination subject to its rich cultures, architecture, and good climate. With a Barcelona has Mediterranean climate that depicts mild, humid winters and warm, dry summers the city attracts tourist in all seasons. The city hosts over one million visitors every week (Esei International Business School 1). There are great monuments, museums, good people, galleries, and magnificent architecture in Barcelona. The beautiful historic and tourist sites include the old Boqueria market, Picasso and Miró works, Tibidabo that overlooks Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia, Barceloneta Beach, Frank Gehrys Peche, The Historic Gothic Quarter, and Marina at Villa Olimpica (Williams 1). With 1,629,990 visitors, the FC Barcelona museum is the most popular museum in Barcelona. There is a buzzing nightlife in Barcelona due to the numerous bars and nightclubs, cocktails, and casinos (Williams 1). Moreover, there is better accommodation in the city subject to the five star hotels in Barcelona. With four and a half kilometers of sandy beaches, Barcelona is one of the dominant beach cities in the world (Esei International Business School 1). The unique architecture of the city adopts a grid system. Transport in the city is through biking, taxis, metro bus or by foot (Tourist Barcelona 1). Barcelona has worst drivers and hence many people choose to walk the streets of Barcelona. The city has leafy boulevards and most people walk down the Portal de l’Àngel street at their pleasure (Williams 1). Las Ramblas is a two-kilometer long boulevard that situates at the heart of Barcelona. Most tourists visit Barcelona in August when the city is very busy and most shops opened. Tourists can come to Barcelona for shopping, vacation, adventure, sports, and entertainment.
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“The Advantages of Visiting Barcelona Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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