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Essential Barcelona Tourist Information - Assignment Example

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The focus in this paper is on Barcelona as one of the most magnificent cities of Spain which is situated on the North Eastern side of Spain touching the borders of the Mediterranean Sea. From the French Pyrenees, you have to make a two-hour drive south to reach Barcelona…
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Essential Barcelona Tourist Information
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Extract of sample "Essential Barcelona Tourist Information"

Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings, Barcelona has got everything that makes a perfect holiday. Barcelona has a very pleasing and enjoyable weather throughout the year. But the most favorable weather of Barcelona is during the months of May till July making this time the most appealing time for a tour of the marvelous city. September is also very enjoyable but August is usually hot and moist. It is a month which is generally pleasing to those people who love to tan themselves by spending a splendid time on the beach. All those people who visit Barcelona in August are always advised to get hotel rooms with air conditioning systems. The pleasing weather of Barcelona is still maintained during the months of October and November but the temperature starts falling and the weather starts to get chillier. The sunshine cannot be observed everyday and people get prepared for a slight rainfall. The winter sets in at the end of November and from November till the end of February the temperature drops and the weather gets cold. It does not rain much in Barcelona during the winter so generally people get to see the sunny days. Numerous painters and artists have lived and worked in Barcelona at one time or the other and you can still perceive their affect distinctively all through the city. Two of the most famous are Miro and Picasso who have museums allocated to their most major works. This is just not it. Barcelona has also got many various museums and art galleries all throughout the city so you have got many artistic and cultural places to visit while you are in Barcelona. Barcelona had more than 55 museums and art galleries that are devoted on the topics such as sports, art, history, war, science, maritime and architecture. Few of the most famous museums and art galleries located in Barcelona for sightseeing are Maritime Museum, Barcelona Centre of Contemporary Culture, La Pedrera, The Dali Museum-In Figueres and Camp Nou. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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