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Success and Sustainability in International Tourism Management - Term Paper Example

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The author discusses some of the strategies that would be employed to attain success and sustainability in international tourism management. To attain sustainability, the discussion highlights ecological social and economic aspects that international hotel managers should be sensitive to. …
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Success and Sustainability in International Tourism Management
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Extract of sample "Success and Sustainability in International Tourism Management"

Download file to see previous pages Tourism management degree holders have a perception that they are the professionals in the management arena. However, scholars hold the view that the profession requires specialized skills and knowledge, continuous education and be good to the society and community. According to Roberts (2007), corporate social responsibility (CSR) entails responsible business conduct causing no harm in the workplace, marketplace, the natural environment as well as the community they operate in. In the tourism sector, it would mean that it is the local, national and global community. CSR is not only vital in promoting business operations but also creates harmony and respect between the business and the community.
To the business, CSR looks to ensure that the organizations keep on making the profit while ensuring that her future is safe. Tourism industry’s management ought to understand that CSR, reduces general operational costs while improving the firm’s reputation. By extending services to the community, the firm’s dignity rises, resulting in not only a competitive advantage but also access to investment and funding opportunities. Notably, most NGOs prefer funding projects that improve society’s welfare. Corporate social responsibility in the tourism industry is not a choice; it is a business obligation (Lyn 2009).
To society, CSR increases welfare as well as building a liking for the firm. Going green initiative, maintained by a firm via CSR improves the ecological conditions of the society. The result is reduced health hazards, better working conditions as well as better services and safe products. Involvement in charitable fundraising can improve society’s education and possibly create equal opportunities.      ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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