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This paper declares that tourism is defined as a chain of industries that is marked by growth and dynamism. It is not only concerned with the movement of people from one geographical location to another but it also encompasses proper planning and protection of the major attraction destinations…
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Tourism, Policy and Planning: Ye Edgell Sr
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Download file to see previous pages In coming up with the policies, the governments through their lawmaking organs should incorporate the views of all stakeholder involved in the industry. Tourism is a major economic activity that offers a number of economic and non-economic benefits to nations hence it needs to be well maintained so as to allow for continuous growth. Some of the specific contributions of tourism include the creation of employment opportunities, promoting entrepreneurship skills, stimulation of food production and promotion of culture and heritage. In creating policies in the industry, the governments must also put into consideration the negative impacts of tourism to other sectors of the economy.
In order to develop a proper understanding of the current policies in the tourism industry, it is proper to consider the past policies that were enacted in the earlier years. Tourism has greatly evolved over the years and countries have had to change some of their laws and policies in order to accommodate the ever-changing trends in the industry. A case in point is that of the United States which has had to amend its policies over the years so as to facilitate events in modern tourism. The beginning of modern tourism can be linked to Marco Polo who is regarded as the person who offered a number of aspects into modern tourism. The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is the body that has done a lot of research on the trends of policies in the tourism industry. It is the leading international organization that has registered numerous ideas and views in regard to international tourism and travels since it has wide membership in terms of countries and territories. Another global organization that has impacts on tourism policy is the World Travel and Tourism Council. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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