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The affect of characteristics of destinations to appeal to tourists.(London Scotland) - Assignment Example

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There are considerable body of study conducted in order to understand the factors which are directly or indirectly associated with the issue of tourists behaviour towards their selection to tourism destination. Among the various factors, one of the most important is…
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The affect of characteristics of destinations to appeal to tourists.(London Scotland)
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Extract of sample "The affect of characteristics of destinations to appeal to tourists.(London Scotland)"

Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, the report will also discuss the possibility for enhancing the selection as tourists’ destinations.
Tourist destinations with multiple characteristics are vital for individual attraction. The characteristics help to develop a mental image in the mind of tourists through manifold sources of information. The mental image determines the selection of destination for tourists in order to spend holiday or leisure time.
London is regarded as one of the leading tourism destinations. London receives considerable leisure tourists every year mostly because of its heritage characteristics. It has exclusive attractions and natural legacy with iconic buildings acknowledged all over the world. There are presently four designated heritage sites in London namely Palace of Westminster, Tower of London, Maritime Greenwich and Royal Botanic Garden. These four sites have exceptional universal worth and are acknowledged to be of global significance. These characteristics of London are regarded as vital part of London’s identity and character (Greater London Authority, 2012).
The tourism of London is geared toward bestowing numerous features of the city. It is a venue of important occasions in world history, comprising ancient castles, museums and other landmarks. Furthermore, entertainment is also regarded as a key attraction in London. Drama, film and music are admired forms of art in London. Apart from that, the other key feature of London is shopping. The city is characterised by shopping experience, having numerous destinations such as Tate Modern, London Eye, National Gallery and Albert Museum among others.
In comparison with London, Scotland is regarded as a developing tourist destination. Compared to London, the appeals of Scotland is largely attributed into four groups namely heritage, destination towns, events and business. Concerning the nature, Scotland has theatrical landscapes along with rich and vibrant history imbibed within its culture. Scotland ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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