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Tourism is one of the growing industries of the world as more and more people across the world find more leisure time and dedicate their leisure time to travel and tourism. In Europe, Scotland can position itself as a unique brand for tourism if the marketing managers of various…
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Scotland the Brand
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Download file to see previous pages they use to send marketing messages to their consumers, the relationship they have with their top clients and best customers for tourist activities, the nature of the message itself and finally they need an understanding of the marketing mix for tourism. To get a better understanding of these aspects, it would be useful to examine them individually and in detail.
While the message itself can be differentiated and segmented as per the needs of the market, the channels with which the message is sent to international consumers of tourism must always be integrated with each other. It has often been noted that marketing is intricate field and when ideas from one market are exported to another the chances of successful market capture vary considerably (Brown, 1995). Integrated marketing communication is a set of parameters, tools and techniques which increase the chance of a marketing campaign being successful across several different markets. However, it must be applied carefully and with a thorough analysis of the factors involved.
Since Scotland needs to establish itself as a brand for tourism in international terms, any international marketing campaign will need to consider several marketing related issues which can come when marketing is broadened towards the global arena (Schultz, 1996). Scotland has to be sold as a global brand with established public relations, and confirm the acceptance of the tourism laws followed in Scotland. In recent times, Scotland as a brand must also confirm itself as a ‘good’ ethical tourism destination (Adams, 2004). This idea of being an ethical destination comes from many directions but the most important one is the image of the country as a socially responsible country which can be successfully channelled through integrated marketing communications in an international marketing campaign.
Additionally, the marketing message might need to handle the fundamental barrier of language. Although English has become the lingua franca ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Scotland the Brand Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
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