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What is SPSS - Essay Example

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The use of this software has helped the discipline of research and development to undertake effective studies using SPSS statistical analysis. In particular, the software is used within the field of…
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What is SPSS
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Extract of sample "What is SPSS"

Understanding Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) of Understanding Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS)
SPSS statistics is the most widely operated data analysis software in the world. The use of this software has helped the discipline of research and development to undertake effective studies using SPSS statistical analysis. In particular, the software is used within the field of social sciences for statistical analysis. There are various functions of SPSS statistics software. These include creation of data derived from research tools, categorization of data into different segments etc.
SPSS was produced by SPSS Inc. which was later subjected to IBM ownership in 2009. SPSS is basically an abbreviation of statistical package for the social sciences. The users of SPSS software can enter data which becomes accessible for analysis. The obtained analyzed data can be then formatted into a report with the usage of modeling and graphs. There are many reasons for which researchers have made use of the SPSS software. Most notably, the software is used in order to manage large amount of data that can be very difficult to handle (Carver & Nash, 2011).
SPSS is windows-based and highly user-friendly software that can be used by students without difficulties. Be it regressing analysis or correspondence analysis etc., SPSS is designed to run any form of research method. ANOVA, t-tests and linear regression are the most widely used function of SPSS. The results obtained after using SPSS software allow researchers to represent their data in such a way that general audiences can also read and understand the subject matter (Field, 2000).
List of References
Carver, R. & Nash, J., 2011. Doing Data Analysis with SPSS®: Version 18.0: Version 18. Illustrated ed. New York: Cengage Learning.
Field, A., 2000. Discovering Statistics Using SPSS for Windows: Advanced Techniques for the Beginner, Volume 1. Reprint ed. New York: SAGE. Read More
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What Is SPSS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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