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2 Cases - Essay Example

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IBM® SPSS® Forecasting allows analysts to envisage trends as well as develop forecasts easily and quickly even if one is not a professional statistician. Individuals new to forecasting can come up with classy forecasts that take into consideration multiple variables. Moreover,…
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2 Cases
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Extract of sample "2 Cases"

IBM® SPSS® Forecasting allows analysts to envisage trends as well as develop forecasts easily and quickly even if one is not a professional statistician. Individuals new to forecasting can come up with classy forecasts that take into consideration multiple variables. Moreover, forecasters’ experts can utilize SPSS Forecasting to authenticate their models. Time series forecasting example consists of forecasting the staff number needed daily for a call center, or predicting the demand for a certain service or product. SPSS Forecasting assists every individual in every step of the way so that he /she can get the information required faster.
SPSS Forecasting offers features like:
The directed analysis supports non-experienced users through the process of model-building.
More options, as well as customization choices, permit analyst experts to control the process of forecasting.
Powerful time series modeling processes helps in developing reliable forecasts promptly.
Time-saving features permit the user to create as well as update forecasts reliably and quickly.
Flexible output alternatives make it easy to deliver useful and understandable information to the decision makers of an organization.

In the year 2006, Del Monte transformed from inquiring from sales what they were going to sell and focused on market drivers. They brought to a halt their process of sales data collection at the item level through arduous spreadsheets and focused on sensing demand, comprehending drivers of a market as well as using the data to shape how they enter a market. The new procedures focus on the insights of a shopper: who the customers are, where, what and why they are buying. It aims at how best to shape demand in these areas (the accurate combination of assortment, promotion, price, trade deals, as well as sales incentives) to compel demand that is profitable. Del Monte established that the correct data to gather from sales was market drivers’ clarity: the quantity of new accounts that takes new products, competitive activity in the market, past promotions success, as well as retail channel insights.
Advantages of enterprise resource planning in a merger acquisition
First, the whole organization gains from the benefits of the deployed system since it insists on process change. In addition, installing the ERP by Big bang approach might help the organization to get a faster return on the investment. Furthermore, ERP makes it easier to integrate and report, and no temporary interfaces are needed. Moreover, lower cost of running the systems as legacy systems are retired simultaneously.
One of the disadvantages is high capital as well as a human resource investment. Secondly, any practical performance issues have an effect on the whole user population. In addition, ERP needs training of the whole user population. Adopting the new system is susceptible because of the restricted possibilities to maneuver, in addition to there being a lot of pressure since the deadline must be met.
Minimizing implementation cost
It is recommended that organizations should attack the implementation project in focused, short phases, working backward from aimed deadlines to generate a sense of urgency. It might be of help to start with the most fundamental systems and then spread out to other useful areas. In addition, change management techniques should be used to manage the human aspect of the project since ERP needs a great deal of supports from the company’s affected areas (Umble, Haft, and Umble 12).
Being a decision that needs time and resources, I would avoid choosing a vendor too fast. Instead, I will evaluate my needs cautiously and come up with business issues they I the ERP system to address. I would research potential ERP vendors carefully, looking at their standing in the business but also check references and interview earlier clients. I will as well avoid manifold vendors if possible, and ensure that the vendor I choose is suitable for the businesss future expansion and growth plans. Finally, I will he ensure that project backing is in place prior to signing a contract.
Works Cited
Umble, Elisabeth J., Ronald R. Haft, and M. M. Umble. "Enterprise Resource Planning: Implementation Procedures and Critical Success Factors." European Journal of Operational Research (2003): n. pag. Print. Read More
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