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Visual methodologies - Essay Example

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VISUAL METHODOLOGIES Student Date due: The main purpose of a visual analysis is to recognize and understand the visual choices the artist made in creating the artwork. This is because by observing and writing about separate parts of the art object, one comes to a better understanding of the art object as a whole…
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Visual methodologies
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Extract of sample "Visual methodologies"

VISUAL METHODOLOGIES due: The main purpose of a visual analysis is to recognize and understand the visual choices the artist made in creating the artwork. This is because by observing and writing about separate parts of the art object, one comes to a better understanding of the art object as a whole. The club 18-30 advertising photograph is an interesting piece of art, which will be carefully analyzed. The message in this visual composition is that Mallorca is a fun place to be where one can go and expect to have a good time. The people in the picture who are freely enjoying themselves by being wild and carefree very well illustrate this. The picture also shows that Mallorca has suitable facilities that people can use to enjoy themselves and have a good time like the swimming pool shown in the picture. Apart from that, it also shows that Mallorca is a suitable enjoyment spot for both men and women. The picture has communicated the message that Mallorca is a fun place to be very clearly. The people in the picture i.e. the two men and the lady are dressed in a manner to suggest that they are out to have a good time with their shorts and bikini. They are also very casual as seen in their facial expressions where the two men seem to be screaming their heads off while jumping into the pool. They are obviously having the time of their lives. The woman strikes an ‘out to have fun’ pose in her bikini where she seems to be relaxed and enjoying herself, as well. All this human activity is essential in message communication because the people in the picture act out the message being conveyed. The setting in the picture is another element that has a sound effect in the conveying of the message in that most people like to go out from sunset to dawn. The setting in the photograph captures the perfect timing when parties and other fun filled activities begin. It is through these fun activities and the setting portrayed in the photograph that the full composition conveys the message that Mallorca is a fun place to be. Anyone who sees the poster is bound to get the message in it without much effort. Every massage has a target audience. The massage in the photograph is intended for the young adults who are out going and fun loving. The intended age group should ideally be between 18-30 years. This is because this age group has been well represented in the picture and so, the people in the same age bracket are bound to identify with the message being conveyed by their peers. Therefore, they would be curious about the so-called Mallorca and end up going to check it out. Curiosity is the intended effect of the picture. This is because when people get curious about something they tend to find out more about it, to satisfy their curiosity and experience the fun portrait in the picture. The picture would also make the viewer feel excited and eager to visit Mallorca. The elements of this picture can be viewed as signs. There are several signs in the picture, for example, the people in the picture are signs. This is because they represent the fun and enjoyment that can be found at Mallorca. The night fall setting is also a sign in that it represents the time when all the fun activities begin in Mallorca, and finally the word ‘Mallorca’ is a sign that not only tells the viewer where all the fun will be taking place but also what kind of establishment it is. This is because the words are written in a shiny silver color; meaning that Mallorca is a place where people go for casual meetings to relax and have fun as opposed to formal establishments where people would go for luncheons and business meetings. The dress code of the people is also a sign that Mallorca is a casual establishment where clients can wear whatever they want comfortably, without anyone questioning their choice of clothing. Apart from being a sign, the word ‘Mallorca’ is also an inter-textual reference that gives the name of the establishment making it easy for people to locate the premises. There is another inter-textual reference that says ‘upfront bar and club vibes in an essential party paradise’. The words are written in a casual font just as the word ‘Mallorca’ and they briefly explain what one will find in Mallorca. In conclusion, this visual analysis of the club 18-30 advertising photograph shows that the image used to advertise was effective in communicating to the target audience and giving the necessary information to the audience. Read More
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