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The author attempted to discover whether experiential retailing can be applied as a way of retail brand differentiation. Methods of data collection were poor because some of the data could not be quantified. The results indicate that store sensory traits such as smell…
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The Sensory Retail Environment of Small Fashion
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Critical evaluation of a research paper: The Sensory Retail Environment of Small Fashion Boutiques Critical evaluation of a research paper: The Sensory Retail Environment of Small Fashion Boutiques
The author attempted to discover whether experiential retailing can be applied as a way of retail brand differentiation (Clarke, Perry& Denson, 2012). The aim of the research is to determine the sensory experience of patrons in a small vintage. In this case, photo-elicitation interview was used, a qualitative method of research to give more information on the research question. Methods of data collection were poor because some of the data could not be quantified. The results indicate that store sensory traits such as smell, lighting, owner and sound can influence the customer experience.
The research methodology was suitable for the study. The study uses qualitative methodology using photo-elicitation interview. The researchers introduced the photographs, which were taken by the participants as a tool to give more information on the questions. This was effective because the participants were able to communicate dimensions of their lives. Visual images play an important role in the customer behavior in a commercial setting (Robson, 2011).
The research design was suitable for this study, researcher compared two different vintage shop with contrasting sensory environment. Comparison why customer returned to one shop compared to the other. In addition, the sample size was small to gather more information on the question of the study (Saunders, Thornhill & Lewis, 2012).
Interviews were used for this case study, which were long enough to ensure that the questions were satisfactory answered. In addition, there was telephone follow up for clarification of the information. The notes were written down to generate insights in the fashion retailing shop. The photographs were also used to support the written words to add meaning to the information communicated.
The sample collection process within the participant was consistent. All participants were given similar digital camera and demonstrated how to use. In addition, the entire participants were met individually to ensure the information provided was according to their own experience. A photograph is very useful because it record things the way they look (Rose, 2012).
The methods of data collection were poor. Clarke, Perry & Denson (2012) research was very unsatisfactory in the manner it was carried out. Five female participants were left out to define sensory environments. This personal definition is not satisfactory, does not allow comparison of studies, and does not allow the examination of the sensory environments. Participant 1, for example, it was not clearly whether she returned to the shop because she knew the owner or sensory environment.
There was a problem of participant bias. The owner of the shop identified all the participants. The use of familiar participant will result information bias, therefore, the result may not be accurate.
The data was collected in a systematic way as the participants were given similar camera and were assessed individually to avoid information bias. In addition, the sample size was small to enable the researcher get enough information of the research question. However, selection of the participants was biased.
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