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STA Travel Agency Survey - Essay Example

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STA Travel Agency is a company that deals with students and youths to offer quality reliable and affordable services to the clients. It is located at Fylde Road; this is main road opposite the Harvard University…
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STA Travel Agency Survey
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Extract of sample "STA Travel Agency Survey"

STA TRAVEL AGENCY SURVEY STA Travel Agency Survey STA Travel Agency is a company that deals with and youths to offer quality reliable and affordable services to the clients. It is located at Fylde Road; this is main road opposite the Harvard University. The STA Travel Agency is easily accessible because it is on the main road, therefore, identifying and reaching the Agency is effortless. STA Travel Agency staffs are competent and have warm welcoming face. They always have a prompt and polite greeting language and immediately ask for the main point of concern in particular. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for the greetings in anyway. The good thing with the STA Travel Agency is that, you don’t have to get the staffs attention. The employees are very erudite, friendly and happy to help since they are familiar with any destination. They also respond professionally to the queries posted to them. The STA Travel Agency staffs are easily approachable and willing to assist. The travel guides always try their best to answer the questions as per entity. They always offer specific advice or recommendations to the concerned clients. For instance, they can try and persuade their clients not to go to certain destinations due to the reasons outlined to them. The best thing they do is that, they can’t compel any of their clients to buy their holiday at the spot. Instead, one should have immediate commitment to make to have a vacation. Unfortunately, they do not dress in uniform; instead, they only wear casual clothes even during working hours. This makes it difficult to identify the staffs. Nevertheless, they need to have clear credentials to the clients to be recognized easily since they don’t seem to be professionals in their appearance. This is due to lack of either badges or name tags on their attire. The STA Travel Agency has relevant information needed by their clients and always offers absolute responses. The best thing that the travel agents do is that they always give their clients clues by the time they are off to their respective destinations. As far as their cleanliness is concerned, it is satisfactory. The environment is conducive and has suitable temperature for the time of the year but a slight cold drop experienced when one is out of any obstacle. The lighting system of the Agency is suitable as far as their purpose is concerned and when in need of them. The agency is very spacious and perhaps some space may have not been used. The worst thing about that STA Travel Agency is that they do not offer any beverage or drink to their clients. The travel agents are very persuasive in terms of difficulty on the destinations chosen. The STA Travel agents are highly convenient regarding difficulties in traveling purpose; this allows their clients to have freedom while traveling. This make their clients enjoy traveling anywhere within their areas of choice. As far as intuition is concerned, one can really be impressed by the car parking which is situated on the main road. The other perception is the way STA Travel Agency advertise many destinations on the window display and this gives a variety of global destinations. This also gives a clear indication of how they satisfy their clients with their window display. The information concerning the STA Travel Agency is evidently shown on the milieu. For instance, brochures are patently supplied and the materials are exposed up to date for the clients to notice the eligibility of STA Travel Agency. Nevertheless, they are correct for any time of the visit paid. One can also find their information not only through website provided or other booklets, but also through magazines and social media that has enhanced the development of the STA Travel Agency. In conclusion, STA Travel Agency is a travel company with a difference. The agents, locality, facilities and the environment meet the need for the modern society. However, they need to make some improvements. They need something to make them look unique from other client. Secondly, while the guests are on the waiting lounge, drinks or beverages can keep them comfortable. Finally, with the long serving experience, the STA Travel Agency can move to a greater height in the tourism sector. Read More
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