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Huella Online Travel - Case Study Example

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A study intended to discover the causative factors behind Huella’s low market share in Hong Kong must approach the problem from the premise that although there are many techno savvy people in the city state, the brand is not picking up as fast as it should. The following…
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Huella Online Travel Case
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Extract of sample "Huella Online Travel"

Download file to see previous pages was also found that the firm was viewed as risky and not very reliable especially because of perceived security and stability concerns regarding the online security. People especially feared that online purchasing exposes them to cybercriminals and hackers.
Consumers need to be provided with data about the workings of the organization, in Huella’s case, many claim they only used it to check prices and compare the products to what they were getting in regular brick and mortar store (Zhou and Chan 2008). The firm needs to enlighten customers on the merits of online shopping and reduce the negative perception associated with internet business. In addition, given that most people do not even know of Huella’s existence, the firm needs to educate perspective clients through aggressive advertisement so they are both aware of the products existence and what they are used for. Most importantly however is the phobia to do business online in as much as they have been found to techno-savvy, if Huella plans on making headway in the online market, it needs must educate its customer base on online security and ensure they are aware of the security protocols in place.
Given that Huella is targets clients who use frequently use the internet, the target population in the Hong Kong market is the group aged above 15 years to 45 who either were using the internet currently or were likely to become generic users of online services in the future. This group makes up approximately 59% of the population in Hong Kong (Zhou and Chan 2008), whereby the youths were especially targeted because they are the heaviest consumers of online content. Consequently, they were by virtue of that more likely to come across Huella’s services on online marketing boards as they browsed through social media sites.
Before carrying out the survey, the qualitative insights for the current Huella users however have to be tested; their sample basis is approximated to have generated HK$80.7 million in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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