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Huella Online Travel - Case Study Example

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A prepared research proposal "Huella Online Travel" is primarily purposed to solve some of the problems Huella faces in gaining the Hong Kong market. In the research, the author is going to integrate numerous questions to respondents concerning their perception, lifestyle, characteristics…
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Huella Online Travel
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Extract of sample "Huella Online Travel"

Huella Online Travel al Affiliation Marketing problem faced by Huella Huella online Travel ltd faces problems of failure to capture the market share in Hong Kong despite thriving in other markets. Some of the biggest challenges facing Huella are brand awareness because few people know about the brand and it is clear that most people within the city prefer traditional brick-n-mortar agents to online sites. Even after going into the Hong Kong market, which they saw as potential because the bigger population was tech savvy, most of the population in Hong Kong was not aware of the brand. Moreover, online payment security issue was a huge challenge because did not understand the security measures that the online site provided. The population did not trust Huella when it turned to online security especially the security measures put in place to ensure safety of their finances. People in Hong Kong shun e-business because they believe is very risky prompting them to maintain status quo by continuing with the traditional marketplace.
2. What additional market or consumer information is needed to solve the marketing problem?
The consumers should be assured of the online security payment details to remove the notion of security concerns related to the mode of payment. Because the biggest problem is the insecurity issues related to the mode of payment, the company should make sure that they enhance their target client’s trust.
3. Market Research
Huella Online Travel Ltd faces challenges of winning the market share in Hong Kong regardless of its good performance in other places. As a market research firm, we are adrafting a proposal where we are going to highlight the major challenges the Huella faces in capturing the Hong Kong Market. The company identified Hong Kong as a potential market for their services because the city has higher population who are tech savvy and are of young generation. We, at Market sense, are going to suggest some ways that the Huella may use to overcome its problems. After thinking of many survey techniques, we employed the best technique that enables us to understand the problem and provide the best solution.
Huella Online Travel Ltd, a Malaysian-based online travel portal targeting Asia such as Greater China had its market share hovering under 5% since launching its site in Hong Kong. The general performance in Hong Kong has been poorer than any other market. Despite introducing their services to the techno-savvy nature of the Hong Kong population, their services especially the online flight purchases recorded low transaction. We have prepared a research proposal to solve some of the problems Huella faces in gaining the Hong Kong market.
Research design we are going to use is a descriptive research where we are going to use the mail-panel survey technique. The instrument we are going to use in the research is questionnaire where we are going to integrate numerous questions to respondents concerning their perception, responsiveness, lifestyle, characteristics, culture, comportment, and their intentions. Read More
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