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Negative in foreigners worker in the uae - Essay Example

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20th November 2013 Negative side impacts of foreign workers in UAE United Arab Emirates is a country that is located in the Middle East of Arab countries and it borders the gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf…
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Negative in foreigners worker in the uae
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Extract of sample "Negative in foreigners worker in the uae"

Download file to see previous pages United Arab Emirates is geographically located along the desert and mountains in the east. The system of the governance in the United Arab Emirates is federal type of government; this means that the government is composed of legislative, executive and the judicial. The powers are delegated to the United Arab Emirates federal government and the rest of powers are reserved for its members. The president in the United Arab Emirates is the head of the state and the prime minister of the United Arab Emirates is the head of the government. United Arab Emirates is known for stable economic growth, this is due to open market economy in which the prices of commodities (goods and services) are always determined in free price systems and this makes United Arab Emirates to stabilize its economy. Like other states world wide where they have to associate themselves with trade organization, United Arab Emirates is a member of council of Arab economic unity (CAEU). United Arab emirate (UAE) is known for high and rising oil prices and good economic growth in the market. The economy of United Arab Emirates from 1999 to 2008 has been growing at a rate of 10%. This gives other states challenges since with a growth of 10%; it indicates UAE is going to offer stiff competition in the international market. Today, the United Arab Emirates is not only relying on the rich oil fields but the country invests in private sectors and infrastructure system so that it can support other programs for example education and health issues. However, even though their economic growth of United Arab Emirates is seen to be stable, the emirates still experience challenges in social, economic, and even environmental areas. This paper discusses how United Arab Emirates have experienced challenges from the foreign workers who reside in the region. How foreign workers are changing the United Arab Emirates culture Due to the high number of foreigners in United Arab Emirates, their culture is being changed and this is posing a great danger to their generation. Again the use of modern technology is still a challenge to them since technology is changing the old norms to digital era. The United Arab Emirates considers its traditions no matter whether the foreigners will change it or the technology. United Arab Emirates is built on generation of Islamic traditions which is passed from generation to generation, Islamic culture is firmly rooted in United Arab Emirates and tribal heritage is considered by the civilians. Today the foreigners who come from many part of countries are changing the traditions and demographics of emirates. For example, the number of foreigners who resided in United Arab Emirates in the year 2005 to date has continued to increase. Foreign workers by nationality and their population nationality Number of foreigners India 1 million Pakistan 650, 000 Philippines 250, 000 Sri lanka 150, 000 Source-(UAE National Bureau of Statistics) United Arab Emirates is considered as the most state preferred by foreigners who come to invest or who come to seek employment. Those who normally come to invest are professional migrants. The government of United Arab Emirates is trying to come up with a knowledge based economy (Park et al 2006). This means that the demand for foreigners who are more skilled and those foreigners who are professionally educated will double the number of foreigners in United Arab Emirates. (Maurice 17). Islamic religion is not considered much by the foreigners and United Arab Emira ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Negative in Foreigners Worker in the Uae Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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