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This essay "Westward Hilton Capabilities of Building" dwells on the building capacity of Westward Hilton. Admittedly, a hotel is a commercial established place where the legitimate care and relieve of guests are met. A hotel is meant to provide services demanded by the visitors. …
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Westward Hilton Capabilities of Building
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Download file to see previous pages Peter Green brought organizational value changed the westward hotel in a positive way. He employed his vision of exemplifying the morals and attitude of the people. He later improvised Hiller’s vision of improving people’s way of living through commerce by changing the westward hotel into enjoyable and friendly working surroundings that stimulate employee commitment to the business and its dream. This created a good rapport between the staff and the administration and also between the staff and the clients.
In Westward Hilton, Green worked hard to ensure that the hotel employees would strive to build the hotel into something it wanted to be instead of working to be something it was not Green was looking at all of the strong and unique qualities of the Westward Hilton and working to create a competitive advantage. A competitive advantage exists when a firm has a long-lasting business advantage compared to rival firms that are a significant edge over the competition. Green applied his knowledge of understanding that for any business to prosper it must do something that its rivals cannot do, or they have something that the competition lacks.
The employees are able to interact with the guests and make them feel it is a place to visit. After all, relationships go hand in hand with retaining customers in the hotel. Green was influential in seeking to start market subdivision so that the wants of each customer are met in their most exclusive way ant to realize the desired level of fulfillment for the customer., Kusluvan, S 2003, . Green more so employed the regular training to his employees in order to cope with the daily disputes that appear in the firm. Peter Green also rewarded the staff as a way of appreciating them where credit was due, this could motivate the employees as the working conditions were friendly. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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