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The paper "The Westward Expansion" highlights that the slave aspect of the westward expansion was approached differently by the Northerners and the Southerners.  Indeed, the westward expansion and its consequences pushed the North and the South further apart, specially on the issue of slavery…
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The Westward Expansion
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Download file to see previous pages In the West, slavery was abolished. The North moved for the emancipation of the slaves in compliance with the 1787 Constitutional Convention’s mandate. On the other, the South continued to hold on their slaves. The slaves were used to farm the lands. The invention of the cotton gin machine in the 1790s, which increase cotton yield 50 times faster than a person, was one of the reasons the North American no longer needed the slaves. The cotton was invented by Eli Whiney. He was a Northerner. Thus, the North benefited much from the cotton gin’s increase in the production of cotton yield. On the other hand, the South still continued to rely on the slaves to pick and pack the cotton raw materials. Consequently, the Southerners would surely miss the slaves’ forced labor because it would be cheap to main a slave than to pay a free person to pick the cotton products from the cotton plantations.
The Southerners felt that the “mountains of ‘white gold’ that began flowing out of the South to textile factories in Great Britain and New England crushed any hope of voluntary abolition” (Mooney 51). The Southerners needed the slaves because they did not have the cotton gin to process the cotton from the cotton plantations. Specifically, “Cotton Production in the American South soared from 461,110 bales in 1817 to 4.8 million bales in (each weighed 500 pounds) 1860, a more than tenfold jump” (Mooney 51).
To the South, the slaves were very precious because the slave owners did not find the slaves’ job of picking and process cotton products very glorifying. “Slavery, far from gradually disappearing, spread westward across the continent and became increasingly entrenched in American life” (Mooney 51). In 1819, Missouri was the first state created out of the Louisiana Purchase. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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