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Three Monkeys Tea and Cofee House - Strengths and Weaknesses - Essay Example

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Three Monkeys Tea and Coffee House – strengths and weaknesses Location The Three Monkeys is one of the most popular institutions in Central West End, Brisbane, Queensland. Its location has been a great advantage; Three Monkeys is located on 58 Mollison Street, quite near with the corner of Boundary Street (Lonely Planet 2012)…
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Three Monkeys Tea and Cofee House - Strengths and Weaknesses
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Extract of sample "Three Monkeys Tea and Cofee House - Strengths and Weaknesses"

Download file to see previous pages Otherwise, the location of Three Monkeys can be characterized as ideal, offering options of coffee/ lunch both inside and outside. Indeed, the Coffee Shop has an impressive patio, a feature that has been available mostly because of Three Monkeys Coffee House’s location, as presented in pictures (Photo 1, Appendices). Interior and exterior design features In terms of interior and exterior design, Three Monkeys cannot be characterized as an ordinary cafe. The Coffee House’s decoration is full of Mediterranean features, as it is made clear through the photos 2, 3, 4, and 5, which were taken during my visit in the particular cafe. In its inside the cafe resembles like a Mediterranean Coffee House; there are many decorative items of different size and color; in any case, dark colors are preferred giving to the place, at least in its inside, the sense of limited space. It should be noted that walls are almost totally covered with frames incorporating a wide range of themes, such as advertisements of movies, personal photos, paintings and so on. Large jars are used for storing cakes and other types of food; these jars are used as decorative items, as storage places but also as tools of marketing, i.e. for showing the food available (i.e. cakes, biscuits etc.) to the customers. From this point of view, the internal decoration of Three Monkeys can be characterized as quite effective, giving the sense of house-like environment, i.e. reminding family. Still, the over-use of decorative items may be considered as a negative aspect of the place’s interior design. There are possibly customers that would prefer less decorative items in the cafe’s inside, so that they would be less depressed when enjoying their coffee; the above view is based on the fact that decoration when it is based on the excessive use of decorative items, so that all free areas, including walls, are covered, can decrease a place’s attractiveness. This is possibly a reason that in modern architecture open and empty spaces are quite common as parts of buildings of different use. In the cafe’s exterior, a similar approach has been used; however, here the use of decorative items is quite limited, as showed in Photo 1 (Appendices). As in the cafe’s interior, in its exterior also a sense of international decoration is clear (Photo 1 and 1a); however, in its exterior area, the cafe seems to emphasize on the provision of green spaces, as indicated by the plants placed near to tables (Photo 1). Decorative items of Mediterranean style have been also added here but they are limited; in any case, the exterior area of the cafe has the advantage of open space (Photos 1 and 1a), an issue that was highlighted as a problem in regard to the cafe’s interior, as noted above. Therefore it is mainly the exterior area that adds in the cafe’s value in terms of ambience, as analyzed further below. Theme and ambience As explained earlier, in Three Monkeys emphasis has been given on the excessive use of decorative items so that the place achieves an advantage, compared to the other cafes of the West End. It seems that the specific target has been achieved; the cafe has a unique ambience, based on the use of decorative items related to the Mediterranean and eastern cultures (Photos 2 – 5). This is a characteristic, which is welcomed by the cafe’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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