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Strategic Action Plan for Food Waste Management - Essay Example

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Food waste is a highly critical sustainability issue faced by Hong Kong, which is currently struggling to reduce the amount of food waste being dumped into its landfills. The key types of food waste typically observed in hotels include: Unavoidable food waste such as vegetable…
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Strategic Action Plan for Food Waste Management
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Download file to see previous pages ch requires urgent action is how to reduce the dumping of food waste in the landfills so as to minimize the economic, social and environmental impacts.
Langham Hotel is one of Hong Kongs most reputed and largest chain of hotels. Langham was recently selected as the first site to evaluate the feasibility of the new food waste composting program of the Hong Kong Governments’ Environmental Protection Department because of its active implementation of “green” initiatives. As a pioneer in sustainable food waste management practice in Hong Kong, Langham has the objective to be the leading eco-hotel in the hospitality industry.
The effective resolution of the problem through development and implementation of novel strategies to reduce and avoid food waste, is likely to help not only the hotel but also support the national efforts to reduce food waste, reduce the carbon footprint and protect the environment. It will also encourage the others to follow in its footsteps and contribute to a greater social and environmental cause in the long run in the process.
CSR TV is the project consultant of Langham’s Sustainability Task Force reviewing their CONNECT Programme. How to continuously improve the existing food waste prevention and recycling program and extend support to the staff and local communities with regard to management of food waste has been in the mind of the CEO for some time.
In the analysis paper, recommendations for the future review of sustainability challenges are: 1) avoid food waste at source 2) reuse and recycle food waste through innovation 3) minimizing food waste disposal to landfills. The CEO has asked CSRTV to source for global guidance on preventing and reducing food waste more effectively so as to create a sustainability strategy that would lead the company to do things in different and better way.
CSR TV represents the Strategic Task Force in presenting this paper for CEO endorsement. This paper will focus on implementing a food waste ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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