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Present generic cases for the use of all the following standards: 1) ISO 14040 2) EU Eco-label 3) ISO 50001 4) FLO Trade Standard 5) ISO 26000 - Essay Example

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ISO is the largest developer of international standards whose applications are voluntary in the entire world. Since its inception, this body has developed and published more than…
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Present generic cases for the use of all the following standards: 1) ISO 14040 2) EU Eco-label 3) ISO 50001 4) FLO Trade Standard 5) ISO 26000
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Extract of sample "Present generic cases for the use of all the following standards: 1) ISO 14040 2) EU Eco-label 3) ISO 50001 4) FLO Trade Standard 5) ISO 26000"

Download file to see previous pages ternational standards focuses on the effectiveness and efficiencies in the operations of the organizations worldwide and are arrived at through a vigorous and rigorous consultations with various stakeholders in the corporate world; after which a consensus is reached. These standards have facilitated the elimination of the various forms of barriers to international trade that existed before. Despite the large number of standards in existence, this report will focus on the needs for the following standards; FLO Trade, EU Eco label, ISO 14040 Environmental management, ISO 26000:2010 standards, and ISO 5001:2011 Energy Management Systems.
Fairtrade products are normally marked through two diverse routes namely the traditional route where products are mainly produced and marketed by the organizations that have fair trade as their main mandate and are certified by the IFAT or corresponding members of the FTF. The second route is the fair trade labeling and certification route and mainly entails third party certification in order to verify that the supply chains of market participants adhere to underlying fair trade standard established by FLO (Lyon & Moberg, 2010, PP122- 256). Fair trade labeling and certification is ideally the mean to market trade food products via employment of the commercial companies interested within the marketing fair trade products
A company ought to implement FLO Trade Standards in order to seek greater equity within the international trade. This is massively contributes to the sustainable advancement of the company by providing it with better trading conditions and securing rights of the marginalized producers and corresponding workers (Valiente-Riedl, 2012, PP167-214). Through the FLO Trade Standards generic UK Company would be capable of sustaining its development and empowering of the disadvantaged suppliers and corresponding employees in the company (Hutchens, 2009, PP45-89). FLO Trade Standards would enable generic company in setting up ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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..., and all other organizations to deal with energy. On applying the broad targets, it is approximated that the standards of managing the energy provide by the ISO 50001 will influence up to 60% usage of the world’s energy on all economic and national sectors. The MNCs or the multinational organizations will have easy reach to harmonized and balanced implementation standards of managing the energy systems across the entire organization with a consistent and logical method for the implementations and identification of improvements. The ISO 50001 standards aim to achieve the...
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...a difficulty in understanding the procedure according to which the task has to be performed and this misunderstanding leads towards scrap work and errors which have to be rectified again and again. In order to get rid of this problem ISO has made it mandatory for all the organizations to set up a training program under which the employees are trained to work in compliance with ISO standards. I would put forward the advantages of ISO standards in order to persuade the manager. The ways in which they can enhance the management and working procedures of an organization through which it can achieve its objectives efficiently. I would say...
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...ISO 14000 AFFILIATION: ISO 14000 ISO 1400 is a member of the family of international standards of“Environmental Studies”. If the companies want to make improvements in the ways they perform their operations and the overall environmental performances of the company, they follow ISO standards. These standards are published by the International Organization for Standards, generally known as ISO. These standards are purely designed for the internal use; the standards are very generic and can...
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...ISO 14000 AFFILIATION: ISO 14000 "This entire planet is our home. We are the only species that systematically destroy our own habitat." (Marianne Williamson). Pollution is a very serious global concern as this pollution is having a direct and a harmful effect not only on the environment but as well as on the people. And this severity of effect is the reason that has led the environmentalists raise their concerns on the matter. Every human being is a stake holder of this mother planet and as this planet has given us the favor of dwelling in it, in return it is our duty to take every step to save the mother land. Industrial waste is the largest contributor to the environmental pollution;...
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...ISO Standards Qstn 3. Process 19. a. The two key processes that the teachers are supposed to follow are; Content delivery process; whose policy statement is that all the content should be delivered in a student-centred way and allow optimum student participation. Grading process; whose policy statement is that all the grading should be in line with the quality requirement and within the department guidelines. b. Process flow chart. Content delivering process flow chart. Some teachers follow all the steps involved in this process. However, some neglect the importance of providing the students with the...
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