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The Visit to Kenya - Essay Example

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This essay is focused on the author's visit to Kenya. Reportedly, landing in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, was perhaps the most fundamental life changing experience. It is believed, Africa is a despicable place full of poverty, crime, and disease. …
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The Visit to Kenya
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"The Visit to Kenya"

Download file to see previous pages The country had a remarkable and beautiful climate. The wide distribution of green plants all over the place shocked me. The trees and birds were beautiful against clear bright blue skies, this contrasted sharply with Saudi Arabia, and I realized that Africa is so much blessed with a remarkable natural environment. They do not require artificially controlled environments in their homes. The temperatures are exceptionally cool at all times of the day, and I appreciate my cousin for insisting that I visit him in this wonderful part of the globe.
I had always been fascinated by the majestic lions since I learned about them in Pre-School and I now had an opportunity to spot one in the wild. After traveling for several hours in the Tsavo plains, our tour guide suddenly told our driver to slow down, and he pointed towards a large tree. The sight was beautiful; I saw the largest lion I have ever seen resting under the tree. We saw very many other beautiful animals in the wild. The clouds opened on our way from the recreational area. It was such a superb thing with a mixture of so many pleasant smells around me.
I was taken back to reality when our vehicle skidded and came to a sudden stop, and our driver declared that we were mud stuck. We alighted from the vehicle and Mabrouk solemnly declared that only a tow truck could remove the tour van from the muddy pothole. After several minutes, a number of Africans came clad in bright red clothing and after talking with the driver, for a minute, they succeeded in removing the van from the pothole. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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