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The Ocean Broiler Restraunt - Case Study Example

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The Ocean Broiler Restaurant Name: Instructor: The Ocean Broiler Restaurant Unlike other fast food restaurants, Ocean Broiler Restaurant operates most of its business activities in a more unprofessional conduct. For instance, it recruits and trains its new staff members through a unique process…
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The Ocean Broiler Restraunt
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Extract of sample "The Ocean Broiler Restraunt"

Download file to see previous pages Additionally, any head of department who requires additional staff members should submit written qualification requirements for such persons to be recruited. The human resource department then makes an advertisement and recruits individuals who successfully meet the job requirements and skills before organizing an interview. The human resource department should have colluded with the recruiting department to outsource the recruitment job to a qualified person or agency, but to carry out interview on that same person. Notably, it is the responsibility of the human resource manager to deal with the organization’s work force; thus, it is their mandate to ensure that the organization employs highly qualified people in its entire departments. After the recruitment process, a training session is then organized for the recruits. The nature of the training process and materials required for training depend on the functions of the departments. Training should be done using a manual of work as a source of reference (Pandey, 2006 p239). It is evident from the case study that the Ocean Broiler Restaurant lacks a formal system of training its new employees, since the recruits under training are engaged to a trainer who is fully engaged in the normal retune of the restaurant. In other words, there is not proper training accorded to the new recruits. Moreover, the restaurant does not provide the trainees with an opportunity to synthesize and understand what is being learned (Blue, 2011 p4). A training session that directly engages the recruits into the company’s daily routine makes this process ineffective, since the trainer needs address both the customers’ needs and the needs of the trainees (Mullins, 2011 p236). Since the Ocean Broiler restaurant uses the same inadequate training method; its service outcome is expected to be below standards. In addition, since the new recruits are assigned to different trainers, there is a strong probability that consistency in service delivery will emerge compromising the quality of service offered to the customer (Blue, 2011 p2). The quality of Services offered to the customer depends on the quality of training the staff members received. Therefore, proper methods of training are paramount for quality service delivery. The restaurant management should, therefore, ensure that their staff members receive ideal training. Proper training of the staff members usually involves two distinct training methods (Pandey, 2006 p239). The first part involves collective training of the new recruits before narrowing down to training the recruits along their specific duties. Moreover, training should be a duty assigned to a single department in order to maintain quality in training, and to achieve consistency in service delivery. To ensure that quality of training is not compromised, every department should link with the human resource department that is competent in obtaining qualified staff members (Mullins, 2011 p237). In addition, the training session should be reasonably longer to facilitate proper mastery of the work or service delivery techniques required of a person. At some point, the restaurant should consider training the senior staff members (Koontz & Weihrich, 2006 p214). This may be done to refresh the already existing techniques within them or to introduce them to new techniques for quality enhancement. All training methods should aim at boosting service delivery to the customers. Due to the ever-changing customers’ ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(The Ocean Broiler Restraunt Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
The Ocean Broiler Restraunt Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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