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The Possibility of Cloning Human Beings - Coursework Example

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The paper "The Possibility of Cloning Human Beings" describes that the benefits of cloning technologies have been achieved at a very high cost, which is not justifiable. Cloning technologies serve no meaningful purposes in human society, and they can never be wholly accepted by all people…
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The Possibility of Cloning Human Beings
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Extract of sample "The Possibility of Cloning Human Beings"

Download file to see previous pages Even with prohibitory legislation on research and development of human cloning, there is a very big possibility that unethical researchers would illegally clone human beings with unknown consequences.

The successful cloning of Dolly, the sheep, makes it viable for technology to replicate this technology on humans and there are various experiments exploring the use of various human tissues and organs for the treatment of certain diseases. Cloning technology makes it possible for the use of human tissue and their organs for medical experiments that violate human dignity. Despite existing regulations prohibiting human cloning, these experiments are carried out in highly sophisticated and secretive laboratories that cannot be effectively monitored by government agencies.

The legalization of the reproduction of human beings and their organs through cloning technologies would lead to the loss of respect for life. Cloning would enable genetic enhancement of human beings which would reduce the natural variation and uniqueness of the human race. Genetically enhanced clones will pose superior characteristics that would place them above normal human beings as they can be engineered to have more disease resistance, intellectual capacity, and athletic capabilities. These technologies offer the possibility of prolonging life through stem cell therapies that can successfully regenerate tissues already degenerated by disease or the aging process (Corrigan et al., 2005). The social repercussions of life-prolonging treatments are unknown and would be highly negative based on the rapid rise of the global population. Immortal populations would make the available resources scarce and unable to sustain the human population. Such treatments would also be very expensive and only available to the super-rich, and hence human equity would be lost. The loss of human equity would also translate to the loss of respect and dignity for human life especially the vulnerable poor. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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