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A mother duties - Essay Example

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If you get a chance to ask every woman about the greatest dream they ever dreamt of for the longest time, most of them would probably tell you it is to get married someday. Somehow, this is explained by how society, media, and a couple of traditional folks you manage to be a…
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A mother duties
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Extract of sample "A mother duties"

A Mother’s Duties If you get a chance to ask every woman about the greatest dream they ever dreamt of for the longest time, most of them would probably tell you it is to get married someday. Somehow, this is explained by how society, media, and a couple of traditional folks you manage to be a part of would inculcate in every girl’s mind. Marriage equals a good looking prince, sparkles, magic, & love. However, even as the sun sets in paradise, so does every Snow White fairytale gets tainted by a bloody twist called motherhood. It is just like a seismic event that took place in your life an earthquake would not quite be able to describe until the aftershock – being left with different kinds of ruins with which you are the epicenter. Now this is the time when every bride realizes she actually dedicated all her carefully thought of vows to a routine of feeding, cleaning, gardening with every emotional quotient on the side.
As opposed to popular belief, being a mother never makes you only a mother. It only makes you the mother of all trades. If before motherhood you have never imagined the possibility of doing something you think is hard work and at the same time doing something fun without depleting the satisfaction or productivity you can get from both, being a mother will now turn you into a Jedi. Mothers never simply rock a chair to put a baby to sleep. They do the rocking in a much more pleasurable way without having to feel guilty. Mothers may have lost their to-die-for bodies and a calendar full of fun activities but they sure still got the female hormones that need a little bit of tingling.
Aside from that, motherhood is not a free-Willy cause where you can just trample in the sea all day long. A lot of mothers today, most of which seem to be a Stepford wife personified, are able to help pay the bills in the house and at the same time manage a family despite the many physical and emotional challenges they face in a daily basis – sometimes the hardest of which would be to tame a wistful second child, the husband. However, one thing I am sure of, behind every successful woman is a bag of dirty laundry. Thus, coining mothers who work a “working mother” is an implication of redundancy.
At home, mothers perfectly exemplify that sleep is not a part of human life. Based on observation and experience, mothers could very well be considered the right hand of God. They are the household omnipresent, omniscient, and all-knowing beings who could very well deliver on every demand of each person in the house that makes the job of a Nat Geo wild animal crusader a walk in the park.
Indeed, being a mother can be a very intoxicating job that could immediately send you off to a disaster once your child falls asleep before nap time, totally screwing up what we would normally call a proper wake-sleep cycle. However, even when motherhood tries to force you into being a master of all trades, one of the best things about being one that would fathom all the sacrifices one has to make would be to be able to sleep in late in the morning and make you feel as magical as descending from your own bedroom on a unicorn.
"A Mother’s Duties | A Mothers Calling." A Mothers Calling | Creating A Life Of Beauty And Purpose At Home. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Jan. 2013. . Read More
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A Mother Duties Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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