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Health and Social Management - Essay Example

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The essay enlightens the impact of a social worker’s values and ethics while making critical decisions in their professional and practical life. The main idea of the paper is to describe and analyze the consequences of social worker’s wrong decision making. …
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Health and Social Management
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Download file to see previous pages So, the hospital that later got him recruited, should have had performed the reference and background check properly despite of his good performance and experience. At least the hospital should have had kept a close eye on him in order to assure his behavior towards the organization (Gillies, 2003). Contextual Factors Dr. Shipman was more often considered to be a psychic serial killer, who killed his patients to gain satisfaction. Some psychologists were of the view that Shipman might want to refresh the scene of his mother dying whom he loved a lot; and others were of the view that he still had not gotten over of his mother’s death and wanted to take control of life and death. But the main reason which led to Shipman becoming a serial killer was an extremely pampered childhood, along with somewhat isolation from external environment, and the death of his mother who loved him the most. The death of Shipman’s mother was the leading cause of his behavior, because his mother always wanted him to be different from others and she was unnecessarily attached to him, and her sudden death made him feel lonely and depressed. This depression might have resulted in his psychic behavior. Besides his personal life depression, the other factors that aggravated his desire of killing were the lack of hospital management and peers attention. If Shipman had been stopped during his first few attempts of killing his patients, and from changing the medical records of those victims, the number would never have reached 400. Therefore, the negligence of hospital management, co-workers, nurses and even the inspectors led to the deaths of 400 patients (Davies, 2007). Management theories The loss of a parent is an extremely traumatic event, and may affect the...
This essay approves that social workers ensure the best environment for the society and its inhabitants. They provide the social policy which assures the social development. An effective feedback system in all the organizations involved in social work will increase employee and social worker’s commitment towards their profession (Sullivan, 2010). If the hospital in which Shipman worked had enforced beaurocratic style, where the doctors had to share their decision making regarding their patients with their colleagues, more doctors would have been informed regarding the health condition of the patients. Moreover, the hospital should have kept a record of the medicine prescribed and their quantity, and a proper check should have been maintained. We know doctors’ profession is all about helping their fellow beings, so if they are not delivering what is demanded by their profession, then they are useless for the society.
This report makes a conclusion that everywhere in the world, the profession considered to be most respectable and valued is that of doctors. On secondary level comes the profession of all the people involved in social work. The essay has highlighted the importance of the decision making on the part of social workers and how their carelessness, misconduct, and wrong decision-making can ruin the lives of people linked to them. If only the hospital management, co-doctors and the nurses had kept a proper check over Dr. Shipman as well as the number of patients died under his treatment, the victims would never have reached the count of 400. Today, social workers have increased attention due to rising number of social evils, which is the result of unawareness on the part of individuals regarding social policies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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