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Technology and a Sustainable Future - Assignment Example

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This paper "Technology and a Sustainable Future" focuses on the global business environment which is becoming highly competitive as leading multinational and domestic organizations are trying to develop and implement new and unique business operation strategies in the business operation processes.  …
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Technology and a Sustainable Future
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Extract of sample "Technology and a Sustainable Future"

Download file to see previous pages Several leading multinational and domestic organizations were trying to develop and implement competitive strategies in order to increase market share and develop potential target customer base.
Technological innovation not only leads the business organizations to sustainable future, but also several individuals can get success through this technological innovation. In terms of business enterprises and business operation activities, several leading retail chain organizations are trying to adopt and implement advanced and innovative technological processes in the business operation activities in order to increase the core competencies. For example, it can be stated that the adoption and application of ICT software PDA application and advanced navigation system in the business operation processes by Tesco increased its overall sustainability in the business operation processes. Implementation of an advanced navigation system in the logistics and supply chain management helps Tesco to enhance quick and efficient order delivery process (Hitty, 2008). It is true that Tesco is the first organization in the global retail chain industry that has implemented online business operation strategy in the business operation process. However, this PDA application and advanced navigation system helped the organization to overcome each and every business challenges. The integration of this software application in the business operation process helped Tesco to maintain sustainability in the business operation process.
In the academic field, demand for advanced technological studies is increasing significantly among the students. Nowadays, each and every industry requires integration of high quality and unique advanced technological process in the business operation process as it helps to provide effective and sustainable solutions to the developed each and every problem and challenge in the business operation process (Syed, 2012).
It is true that the technological innovation will automatically lead the human being and society to a sustainable future.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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