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Building Sustainable Communities Through Green Action Plans - Research Paper Example

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This paper introduces the concept of green actions which will ensure that the environment remains sustainable even in the wake of a growing human population. An author suggests that the adoption of green actions is certainly necessary if at all human survival is to be guaranteed…
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Building Sustainable Communities Through Green Action Plans
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Download file to see previous pages Technology has evolved to such a magnitude that people are now able to intensively and extensively exploit each and every aspect of their environment. This is evidenced by the rapid population increase where it is estimated that the global population would stand at about nine billion by 2070 from the current six billion (Harrell). Other potential negative impacts of over-exploitation of the environment include a decline in the vital ecosystems. Thirdly, such over-exploitation of the natural environment has led to global climate change with the climate changing to the extremes. Taking into account the aforementioned consequences of unsustainable human practices, there is no doubt that human life is jeopardized. For these very reasons, the time is now to take action. If the people of the world want to continue to live on this planet in the future, the creation of sustainable communities through green action plans is an imperative key for human survival.
Sustainability initiative through green actions is indispensable for human survival. The UN World Commission on the Environment and Development defines sustainable development as that which “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs” (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency). The concept of sustainability thus entail all those efforts to find a mid-point whereby there is a balance between what humanity demands from the ecosystem and the ability of this ecosystem to replenish itself. Taking more from the environmental without allowing for replenishment of what has been taken will eventually lead to the depletion of the system. With a depleted environment, the future generations will have to labor in scarcity and these could eventually lead to an end to humanity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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