Sustainable Cities: Climate change and Economics of Sustainable Infrastructure - Research Paper Example

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The objective of the research "Sustainable Cities: Climate change and Economics of Sustainable Infrastructure" is to find out how cities can develop sustainably and their infrastructure to forestall the effects of climate change. The writer of the paper uses the case of Melbourne…
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Sustainable Cities: Climate change and Economics of Sustainable Infrastructure
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Download file to see previous pages Having sustainable infrastructure offers tremendous opportunities to improve the public health of the citizens as well as that of the environment, have serious savings and efficiencies amongst taxpayers and may create employment to the citizens of the cities. The city of Melbourne is positioned to become a sustainable city in the world through significant public infrastructure, which is likely to make it more attractive and conducive for human habitation as well as investments. The investments of sustainable infrastructure will largely hinge on the promotion of green buildings, improving the quality of air, harnessing the power to promote energy efficiency as well as a commitment to sustainable energy. It also includes the building of a sustainable Melbourne, helping businesses to reduce energy use and the imparting of skills for the sustainable use of energy by both businesses and individuals amongst other sustainable infrastructure strategies. The promotion of green buildings is done using green standards in the renovation and construction of buildings while the quality of air is improved through the reduction of toxic emissions. The city also aims at harnessing green energy, which is more efficient and sustainable as compared to fossil fuels, which emit greenhouse gases that lead to climate, change.
Having sustainable cities has come about due to the realization that economic growth in any place or city can only be attained through the proper care of the environment that we live in. Urbanization by far presents both socio-economic and environmental challenges and there must be sustained efforts through infrastructure aimed at mitigating the adverse effects of climate change. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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