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Impact of urbanization on the climate in developing countries - Research Paper Example

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Since the beginning of the 1900s the development of urbanization, as a trend, has become quite rapid, being aligned to the need of people for…
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Impact of urbanization on the climate in developing countries
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Extract of sample "Impact of urbanization on the climate in developing countries"

Download file to see previous pages Today, urbanization has been expanded globally. Its rapid expansion has been related to climate change; the phenomenon is more intensive in developing countries. The effects of urbanization on the climate change in developing countries are presented and analyzed in this paper. The literature related to this subject has been critically reviewed in order to identify all aspects of the relationship between urbanization and climate change, in regard to the developing countries. It is proved that urbanization is highly involved in climate change in these countries; however, the level at which urbanization has influenced the climate of developing countries is not standardized. Certain of these countries have been proved as better prepared to control the expansion of urbanization in their territory. Other countries, such as China, face difficulties in managing the effects of urbanization.
Due to its radical expansion worldwide, urbanization has been extensively explored as of its environmental effects. In fact, it has been proved that urbanization can impact the environment in regard to all its elements, meaning ‘the atmosphere, the hydrosphere and the lithosphere’ (Joseph 2009, p.11). More specifically, under the influence of urbanization, the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere can reach extremely high levels, depending on the density of local population (Joseph 2009). At the same time, urbanization leads to the reduction of the O2 available in atmosphere, due to the limitation of green areas where O2 is produced (Joseph 2009). In terms of the hydrosphere the expansion of urbanization is reflected to the following fact: the needs for water in urban areas can be quite high (Joseph 2009). The potentials of local water depositories to respond to these needs are often limited (Joseph 2009). In addition, urbanization can affect lithosphere: extensive land areas are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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