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Sustainable Development and International Business Law - Term Paper Example

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The objective of the paper "Sustainable Development and International Business Law" is to outline the fundamental principles of sustainable economic resource management with a reference to an example featuring the development process of a particular country…
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Sustainable Development and International Business Law
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Download file to see previous pages Correcting low GDP was like eradicating poverty and reducing crimes. Some factors also arose within the government that worsened the economy of the country. These factors were brought forward by the organizations that were towards the provision of aids to the country. These organizations experienced some difficulties providing these aids which were caused by the government and citizens of Matune. There were instances of Child labor and women slavery, corruption within the government and excess Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. However various approaches can be taken to come up with solutions to these issues to open the way for the development of the economy. Low GDP, poverty and high rates of crime should be eradicated for a country to achieve a high level of development. In my opinion, in order to reduce these factors, there would be a need for the government to provide employment opportunities for the citizens to increase there income. Once there is a source of income, people will think of other methods of increasing their income and this will open ways for most venturing into businesses and hence increased levels of transactions. Creation of jobs by way of industries will require the need for labor and this will cut off slavery as they will be needed to work in the industries.
Matune was a country limited to the highest level of poverty stated to be 90%. Once in poverty of that high, the country development usually remains stagnant and this calls for foreign aids. However, the country had some resources that were never exploited, since they did not have the technology to exploit such resources. This opened doors to foreign investors and other international organizations. However, carrying out activities in Matune, some concerns rose that were dangerous to the economy of Matune. Foreign investors discovered the use of child labor in the industries of Matune by the business people. Child labor, therefore, resulted in school dropouts as the boys and girls spend most of there time working in the industries. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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