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In the first video, Stephen Ritz, a teacher at South Bronx, explains the harsh realities of the tough neighborhood and the things he does to improve his students’ lives and that of the community. Ritz and the students grow lush gardens to get food, greenery and jobs for the…
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What I learned and what i think about the things ive watched
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Environmental Studies In the first video, Stephen Ritz, a teacher at South Bronx, explains the harsh realities of thetough neighborhood and the things he does to improve his students’ lives and that of the community. Ritz and the students grow lush gardens to get food, greenery and jobs for the students when they finish school. The Bronx classroom has an edible wall that produces adequate vegetables to feed up to 450 students. Ritz expanded this initiative to neighboring schools and communities. The initiative also attracted the attention of many big corporations. These students are from very poor backgrounds, but they were able to install the green walls in various places for their survival. They bring back to life all abandoned neighborhoods, something that gives them enough wages as they await their graduation. Ritz mission is bringing hope and awareness in neighborhoods that have been devalued. He explodes with energy during the presentation hence engaging the audience in the conversation without swaying them from the message.
The second video of Majora Carter features three crucial stories. The first story is that of Brenda, who was hired to assist ex-convicts in re-entering the society and preventing them from reconviction. Her solution, in turn, was to establish a business that could manufacture skin products using honey. The program employed seemingly unemployable men converted them, and made them productive citizens. Secondly, Andy Lipkis works to help Los Angeles reduce infrastructure costs that come with urban heat island and water management – linking technology, people and trees to establish a livable city. Trees normally absorb water hence helping to cool the city. Finally, Judy Bonds the coal miner’s daughter saw potential wind energy on a mountain of reduced elevation of over 2,000 feet. She was against removals of mountaintops for mining. This would guarantee clean energy and stimulate development of technical skills and local knowledge on harnessing wind energy.
The third video is part of an interdisciplinary seminar series that examines the necessary changes within the system of free market. The tough questions that were tabled include whether capitalism can truly be just and sustainable. This comes at a time when there is global climate change, depletion of resources, inequality and social unrest. The seminar noted that current political and economic models are proving unsustainable. Some of the suggestions put forward for changes include law and public policy, science and technology, consumer behavior, the design of cities and products, and faith for a shift towards a real sustainable future. The seminar was quite informative. The presenters were people with vast knowledge and experience in environmental, political and economic issues including Hunter Lovins and George T. Scharffenberger.
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