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Reading and lives - Essay Example

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At any time, even walking across the street, people can still read. One very important aspect that should be noted is that there is a strong correlation between reading and writing and there are immense benefits that…
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Reading and lives
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Download file to see previous pages In my own opinion, I also think reading and writing have some benefits in our lives. For example, people can learn new knowledge to enrich their lives. Even though, people might have different cultural background, reading and writing can also help them change their lives and help them get better. As such, the main idea going to be presented in this paper is related to the aspect of how reading and writing can transform our lives.
To a certain extent, reading can be viewed as a hobby but it can help people change their destiny. In addition, a good study environment can help people develop a habit of reading. In the article, “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie, it can be noted that his father liked to buy books which meant that Alexie had many books to read. When he was young, he did not know a lot of words. Consequently, Alexie improved his vocabulary through reading a lot of books. For example, when he read Superman, a comic book, he assumed some words or dialogue that Superman could say to help him read the book. I think that it is a good and easy way to help people to understand books. On the other hand, Alexie said that some people thought that Indian children were expected to fail in the non-Indian world. However, he did not agree with that argument. Instead, he refused to be a failure. Alexie spent a lot of time reading, even just for a few minutes. In addition, Alexie read a book everywhere, in the car, shopping mall and bookstores (50 Essays 15-18). Finally, he became a writer and he wrote novels, short stories and poems. From Alexie’s experience, I believe that reading is the cornerstone that helps people to develop their talents.
Some people have different opinions of other individuals who come from other countries. In the article mentioned above, Alexie is portrayed as an Indian child. He mentions that his classmates who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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