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Critical review of a live poetry reading - Essay Example

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He was right! That evidence of life was evident on Thursday evening at 16th Street, BART Station Plaza, as the usually quiet theatre was buzzing with life. There is no exaggeration in…
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Critical review of a live poetry reading
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Download file to see previous pages nce, it was such a well-planned and well-organized event that they all had a good time, and quite obviously, so did the live audience that comprised teenagers, teachers, the city’s elite, poets-in-the-making and, of course, reporters. In the Cyber Age, for the pessimists who worry that the art of writing and enjoying poetry is on the verge of extinction, the event certainly holds a promise and a hope. They may rest assured. Surely, poetry isn’t about to die. Not so soon! There is no denying that every participant was just as good. Nevertheless, among the best performers were McElwee, Jehanna, Robin Webb and Mona Scott, though it must be acknowledged that it was McElwee’s voice that overshadowed the rest of the programme. Thanks to the open mic scenes that make life in San Francisco a delight.
Mona recited a poem titled ‘Advice to a Lover’ (Relationship-Advice-Bootcamp). Though her entire collection dwelt more or less with the theme of love, this particular one was delivered in such an absorbing manner that it almost immediately caught the imagination of every one in the audience, perhaps because it has something to offer for every young man and woman. It was hard to believe that a woman barely in her twenties could accomplish such mastery over the skill of verbalizing the heart’s deepest emotions so effectively. The text of the poem is therefore provided hereunder with the assumption that there might be many readers might find it interesting enough to preserve and add to their library.
The title of the poem is itself almost self-explanatory as to what it is about to say. It is rare to find love poetry that is not dominated by the element of tragedy. The final success of the poem lay in its ability to evoke similar emotions in the hearts of the listeners. Usage of words like hath, withal, honies, thee, thyself etc. give the poem a classical, nineteenth century touch. Still the poem, as a whole, sounds perfectly relevant even to the most modern times. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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