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I don't know - Lab Report Example

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Technology is generally defined as the application of scientific knowledge to solve particular problems or invent useful tools in both commerce and industry. On the other hand, international development is a holistic context of global improvement of the quality of human life,…
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I dont know
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Download file to see previous pages ording to Daly (1996, p.78), many worksites are increasingly adopting the use of new technologies and innovative corporate practices to reduce consumption and achieve sustainability. This paper discuses my voluntary worksite experience at Red Cross with particular focus on the aspects of technology and international development as they relate to sustainability.
My chosen worksite for volunteer field work experience was Red Cross, and I spent twenty hours working in the organization as a sales team research assistant. American Red Cross was established in 1880s as an independent and neutral humanitarian organization which was dedicated to helping people across the United States. Clara Barton and the other prominent founders of the organization were particularly inspired by the need to help people and save lives following the American Civil War (Moorehead, 1998, p.134). As an affiliation of the international Red Cross movement, the American Red Cross is a non profit organization whose primary humanitarian mission is to provide emergency assistance, disaster relief as well as protect the lives and dignity of victims of violence and wars.
According to Gilbo (1987, p.36), American Red Cross currently boasts a nationwide network of nearly 650 chapters and 36 blood donation centers, which are dedicated to protecting and saving lives as well as helping communities to prevent, respond to and prepare for emergencies. Being one of the largest volunteer based humanitarian organizations in the world, Red Cross has adopted a number of technologies and international development strategies that ensure it achieves sustainability in its goals to improve humanitarian standards, saving lives and guaranteeing disaster preparedness.
I performed a number of duties during my twenty hours of work at Red Cross as a volunteer sales research team member. My worksite setting not only provided me with an opportunity to work with different technologies but also enabled me to appreciate the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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