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Engineering Materials to be used for Barbecues and Laptop Casing - Essay Example

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This assignment entails finding a range of engineering materials that could be used for the main body of the barbecues alongside the procedure used, finding a range of engineering materials that could be used for the casing of the laptop and selecting the most suitable one…
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Engineering Materials to be used for Barbecues and Laptop Casing
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"Engineering Materials to be used for Barbecues and Laptop Casing"

Download file to see previous pages The assignment entails justifying the choice of material, giving reasons why other materials initially considered were not selected. The modern versions have many design features. The success of each design depends on engineers and designers with a clear understanding of the material, coatings, as well as the needs of the environment through which the products are used. The barbecue has many products, and it is composed of a series of separate components requiring careful designing. The material and procedure required in designing the barbecues with one part made of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) grill, and the other part made of traditional charcoal burner include cold pressing, cold forging, quality control, forming, hole punching, welding, Ceramic coating, Aluminium, cast iron, Welding, Embossing, Enamel, Nylon Handles, stainless, propane, charcoal, Nylon Handles, Hardwood handles, Regulators. The materials were chosen because of their variety of characteristics suitable for the model of the barbecue. Heavy-gauge steel charcoal and the cooking grates are made in order to withstand many years of use, as well as to make the customers satisfied. The cooking grates are often multi-plated. These make them be easier to maintain and rust-resistant. Robot Welders are used in making strong, accurate welds in areas such as leg joints, grate supports and steel handles. Welding helps in making sure that Barbecues become long lasting since it includes the grease which is present in BBQ cooking and helps in reducing the areas for collecting moisture. For BBQ wheel manufacturing, nylon is often used since it has suitable heat resistant properties and it is also used for ordinary bearing because of it having a property of resistance heat and grease. Nylon is also tough and durable. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Engineering Materials to Be Used for Barbecues and Laptop Casing Essay.
“Engineering Materials to Be Used for Barbecues and Laptop Casing Essay”, n.d.
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