Laptop Versus Tablet: Which One to Buy - Case Study Example

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The world of computing has evolved over time from the mainframes, through desktop computers and laptops to the current error of tablets and smartphones…
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Laptop Versus Tablet: Which One to Buy
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Running Head: Laptop Versus Tablet: Which One to Buy? Department Tablet computers and laptops have become a necessity for student life, the business world and almost every facet of life. The world of computing has evolved over time from the mainframes, through desktop computers and laptops to the current error of tablets and smartphones. Tablets and laptops especially have gained wide usage due to their functional capabilities. The questioned to be answered therefore is what one should consider when deciding between purchasing a laptop or tablet.
The size of the gadget is a critical factor as this determines its portability as well as consumption of space. Other factors include the life of the battery, availability of tools that enhance productivity, the hardware and software support components as well as connectivity. Tablets for instance are small in size, light to carry around hence very portable and fast at booting. Their battery life is also longer e.g. approximately ten hours for the iPad. Laptops on the other hand have a lot of peripheral devices which enhances their connectivity as well as system support. The hard disk capacity for laptops is bigger and they have variety when it comes to choice of operating systems.
The three most important features that will influence ultimately inform my choices of gadget to purchase are the battery life, connectivity and portability. A device with a long battery life is preferable storing power and allowing longer time of usage on charging. A charged tablet averagely stays with power for an average of 10-12 hours while laptops average at 3 hours. Tablets are also thin, light and small in size which makes them easy to carry around and hence portable. They typically weigh less than one pound whereas laptops weigh in the range of three to four pounds. In terms of connectivity tablets are still more convenient as some of them come with integrated cellular connectivity which eliminates the need for Wi-Fi hotspots; they also have GPS, Bluetooth and at least one or two cameras. A USB modem is a requirement for connectivity on the part of laptops.
The bestselling tablets in the market include iPad, Samsung and Asus. Samsung and Asus operate on Google’s android OS which is the most widely used around the world while iPad Air runs on Apple’s iOS. I would prefer to purchase iPad for its great features in terms of app selection. Despite the fact that the other tablets can run on android which is open source and that Samsung tablets particularly allow the simultaneous use of two applications iPad is still superior on other features. It is smaller in size and lighter, its battery lasts longer, has many options for internal storage and its App Store is unmatched.
In conclusion therefore the decision to either purchase a tablet or laptop is solely dictated by ones particular needs. A laptop will be more apt for those individuals looking for more programming capacity, wide hardware and software accommodation as well as superior graphics. Tablets on the other hand are suitable for those people keen on uninterrupted connectivity, access to lots of apps, portability and an easily usable gadget. Apple’s iPad is one thin and light with high storage capacity, connectivity and good battery life.
1. Colin F. Mang and Leslie J. Wardley. (2012). Student Perceptions of Using Tablet Technology in Post-Secondary Classes. CJLT: Volume 39(4). Available at files/CJLT/paper_2.pdf?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAI3MXM2AGIO4TKABQ&Ex pires=1412627961&Signature=BGcn8L0rrV26NVDbX%2FmHOTwA%2BcE%3D Read More
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