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How Technology Changes and Changed Criminal Law - Essay Example

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This paper emphases that the advent of computer has caused a lot of changes to the law. Though not exhaustive, the aspects of law that have changed indicate that computers have initiated certain areas of the law to evolve while others remain practically unaffected. …
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How Technology Changes and Changed Criminal Law
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"How Technology Changes and Changed Criminal Law"

Download file to see previous pages As the research stresses there is so much attention to the changes Information Technology has brought to the criminal law practice. The domination of computers and the internet as well as the development of related electronics is changing and is expected to go on changing and due to this, other aspects of daily life are also affected and changing and particularly the practice of law. Information technology is a very tough, radical force that is pushing for changes in many areas of economy and these changes are paramount.
According to the paper findings computers have come with development of a lot of things ranging from flow of information, gadgetry, crime and general sociability of people. The law has nor been spared by these changes and some aspect have seen drastic changes while others have remained relatively constant due to conservative of technology. Several aspects of law that have been affected include patent law, commercial law, and even tax laws. Patent law has not experienced a lot of changes. The US has explained in detail the way patents should be dealt with as well as computers from which these change in criminal law emerged (Noortwijk 2006). The Supreme Court is responsible for this. Copyright law is the most affected aspect of criminal law that draws these changes from the computer technology. The congress created a regulation that was supposed to take care of this issue (national commission on new technological uses of copyrighted works). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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