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Significant Changes in Police Role - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Significant Changes in Police Role" highlights that one of the significant challenges to be faced by the police in the 21st century is to effectively respond to terrorism. In order to do this, the police have to develop its capabilities to use technology for maximum use…
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Significant Changes in Police Role
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Extract of sample "Significant Changes in Police Role"

Download file to see previous pages 9/11 was one of the events which changed many things and virtually shifted the existing paradigm for the security and policing methods. It not only exposed the vulnerabilities of the existing security and policing procedures but also provided an opportunity to look into the better ways to manage the risk and threat posed to the society by the negative elements.
It is therefore critical to understand that the challenges and opportunities available to Police are unique in nature and need to be viewed from the perspective of the changes which have taken place since 9/11. The policing model and the resulting changes, therefore, need to be discussed in order to fully understand the practical origins of the challenges faced by the police during the 21st century. This paper will, therefore, make an attempt to discuss the challenges faced by Police during the 21st century while discussing the difference between the challenges faced by the Police in past.
The original duty or the mission of Police, as outlined by Sir Robert Peel, is to prevent crime and disorder, however, the overall sensitivity and the responsibilities of Policies have radically changed in the wake of the current situation. The founder of modern model for Policing, Sir Robert Peel outlined the basic duty of police to ensure the safety of the general public and the preservation of peace within an increasingly pluralist society The police’s role is now not just limited to the prevention of crime at the community level, however, it now also entails a broader scope for activities which are considered as essential for controlling and preventing terrorist activities. The traditional community policing model was based on gaining and developing trust within the public to achieve the overall aim of public safety. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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