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Technology and Society - Essay Example

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Development is equated to destruction - for the sake of a better world, a better life. Despite of oppositions from all corners of different perspectives, change has to rock the boat of development. And at the course of it, technology made a tremendous breakthrough that created a taboo particularly in the economic realm…
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Technology and Society Essay
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"Technology and Society"

Download file to see previous pages It has gone beyond its limitations that even privacy on a wider perspective had been exploited - for the sake of innovation and for the betterment. Despite of implemented rules and regulations or applied laws, privacy is still in havoc.
For whatever given reasons, human by nature competes with life to attain and gain its best offers and opportunities of what is deemed good. But behind it, is the life-threatening that leads to destruction. The negative effects or consequences of the will to attain the best are more likely to dominate and rule the human nature.
Further, every action produces an end-result or consequences whether good or bad. Technology has gone through of invading the privacy of individuals and their properties as well as organizations or institutions including government and their private owned classified information - both in the international and local community.
Goals and objectives as to why technology is aggravated for its purposes and importance entails reasons which often are, "no choice decisions". The need for physical maintenance is one most reason why the use of technology is opted. By all means, man looks at the short cut or easiest possible ways to solve a given problem.
Survival and Mind - Setting. ...
s, as well as psychological balances on how to go through the thickness and thinness of life, are all affected by the changes and developments of technology.
Reports on cases such as, injuries or deaths caused by a mentally ill individual are sometimes the result of a depressed person brought by the effects of technology. The will to suppress disappointment and depression is only resolved through the infliction of pain onto others that deprives the later of their rights to live a very private and peaceful life.
Stealing, robbery and the like that are common to every race and nationality, are means of others for survival. And as technology advances, so as the gadgets/tools that are used by the burglars and/or the mobs.
The introduction of computer or computer operated machines has enabled hackers to steal classified information in exchange for a living. Though systems were and are computerized to protect and ensure privacy on top secrets of most organizations, intruders are able to hack with the help of today's technology.
Indeed, media and entertainment tell them how, and help promote the use of such high-tech machines to invade private properties. For how will one know without those informants For where would the younger generation learn on how to operate and unleash the hidden capabilities of computers Most often, from big screens and television shows where they get free demonstrations.
The World Wide Web which is packed with free downloadable information, and is easily accessed anytime, anywhere is a good source for research and studies that lifts most to engage in plagiarism. Copyrights on on-line news and articles are not properly addressed. Adding to it, is the never-ending issues on software piracy that erodes the rights of software developers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Technology and Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Technology and Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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