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Technology is finicky. What was brand new yesterday is out of date tomorrow. Everything we do, from what we eat to how we get to work in the morning to the paper we read and the means that we read it, is predicated by some form of technology. While it is important to be aware of the constant evolution of technology, we must also be wary of the difficulties of keeping up.
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Technology Trends
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"Technology Trends"

Download file to see previous pages Now one can send an e-mail or use a cell phone and be automatically connected coast to coast and continent to continent. As technology improves, people are put out of work and machines become antiques. One might consider this the new world's survival of the fittest. Today, current technology becomes obsolete technology as easily as the telegraph ridded the pony of its cross country route. The internet now gives access to online magazines and newspapers. Blogs allow people to express themselves poetically or ramble aimlessly. It is even possible to view independent films or the comical antics of some teenage kids, a person can find a job answering surveys or writing for a major newspaper. With the internet the possibilities are truly endless.
usually a long and painstaking process and unless one was unusually versed in the ability to build computers one often failed (Sysop, 2005). In just 30 years computers have changed so much that the boxy and slow originals are hardly considered relatives to today's sleek and slim counterparts. In fact, enough has changed in the past 30 years to result in the construction of obsolete computer museums, including the San Diego Computer Museum, and other obsolete technology websites, including sites like that offer strange and unique ways to make new uses out of useless products, such as old monitors turned fish bowls.

In this moment to moment, fast-paced environment it is easy to understand why information technology professionals are having difficulties keeping up with the changes. It is estimated that by the year 2009 approximately 878 million people around the world will be using some form of mobile communication (Hamblen, 2005). It is easy to see that the demand for technology is great, and IT professionals want to be the best in order to attract a solid chunk of that 878 million. As information technology professionals attempt to lead their companies in the production of software and the sales of items such as laptops, servers, and cell phones, they are encountering a slew of problems. Probably offering the most frustration, many are finding that their items are being pirated at an alarming rate. As if working in the information technology world isn't demanding enough, these professionals now have to face the possibility that their products might be stolen and resold under a false logo (Pratt, 2005). Apparently, as a product, such as a cell phone, attempts to find its new home overseas, it is not uncommon for it to be Page 3
stolen along the way, reworked, decorated with a new logo, and sold for a fraction of what it would normally have cost. An option that is very enticing for those people that are unconcerned with the possibility of buying stolen goods. According to Mary T. Pratt, the use of pirated information techn ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Technology Trends Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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