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Privacy Trends - Article Example

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The article "Privacy Trends" discusses the privacy trends that match with the current technologies in organizations. The article argues that the main technologies include digital devices such as mobile phones and computers and social media that are found on the internet…
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Privacy Trends
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Extract of sample "Privacy Trends"

Companies do this by installing monitoring tools on the mobile phones of the employees (EY, 2014). However, the article warns organizations that they should ensure that the monitoring tools safeguard only essential information to avoid interfering with the private information of workers.
The next trend is the use of data analytics to conceal the information that companies get from consumers on social media. This is because social media users provide organizations with too much private information, and this means that such data needs to be safeguarded (EY, 2014). Therefore, the use of data analytics will protect the information from social media users; for example, the data may be stored in encrypted forms to ensure that unauthorized persons are not able to read and understand its meaning.
The last technique of privacy discussed in the article is the use of cloud service brokerage. The article, however, argues that companies need to analyze the use of this service to ensure that it does not threaten the privacy of information. Read More
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(Privacy Trends Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 297 Words)
Privacy Trends Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 297 Words.
“Privacy Trends Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 297 Words”, n.d.
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