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Visual Perception and NextGen Flight Decks - Essay Example

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This paper talks that pilot interaction with his airplane has always been a source of conversation around the hangar on a blustery day when it was better to be talking than to be flying. In the days of yore, when all a pilot had to worry about was a compass and an airspeed indicator…
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Visual Perception and NextGen Flight Decks
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"Visual Perception and NextGen Flight Decks"

Download file to see previous pages This essay declares that the cockpits of the airplanes will change much over the coming years. Something new will always be added to an already popular place and the required training will be instituted. Many challenges still face the manufacturing industry and the pilots of the world’s airplanes. The human factor is the only thing in the equation of flight that cannot be changed except through constant training and practice. What must be addressed by the engineers of the modern airplane will be the design and visual displays that will present in an unambiguous manner visual cues to enable the pilots to fly their aircraft. Visual cues must be given a considerable amount of attention as the pilot often does not have time to look all over the cockpit for help, when it is needed.
This paper makes a conclusion that the fighter planes of today far exceed the abilities of man to control them due to the physiology of mankind. The airplanes can do more than the man who is attempting to fly and control them. Until a system of self-contained gravity can be discovered, man can go no faster than he can today. With that being said, the cockpits of the military planes are pretty well designed out leaving the industry to concentrate on the commercial and private fleets. The NextGen cockpits of the modern commercial and light airplanes must be organized in a manner that will respond to the needs of the modern pilot. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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