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The author of this article "Reflection on Visual Perception" focuses on the idea of visual perception. Admittedly, visual perception is the ability to absorb and internalize one's surroundings by analyzing information using light that can be seen by the eyesight. …
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Reflection on Visual Perception
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Reflection on Visual Perception Introduction Visual perception is the ability to absorb and internalize ones surroundings by analyzing information using light that can be seen by the eyesight. Therefore, visual perception in short is the ability to see things using an individual’s eye. This article is going to analyze the role of the visual cortex in visual perception.
Visual awareness is controlled by nerve cells. However, there is dissociation between visual awareness and visually guided behavior. An example is with people with blind sight. These patients do not apprehend visual stimuli and other Visuo-motor behavior yet are very aware of various stimulus characteristics. Therefore, this means that visual guided behavior does not have to be conscious (Lamme, 2000).
In the search of the role of the visual cortex in visual awareness, data taken from visual cortex (v1) recordings of monkeys show two types of visual awareness (Lamme, 2000). First data shows that visual awareness in monkeys that are awake is guided by a set of neurons. This means that the visual cortex does little in providing visual awareness. The second data shows the visual cortex does not relay the images upon perception but that visual awareness comes as a result of a horizontal flow of neurons. This means that visual awareness is not solely because of the visual cortex and visual awareness does not come from a particular cell (Lamme, 2000).
In the test done, two different recordings are found. Therefore, it has been found that visual cortex does not mirror perception but horizontal flow of neurons does. Moreover, all visual awareness is not conscious. Despite these facts, the neurons produced by the visual cortex transform perceptual impression which in turn adjusts visual organization, awareness and attention.
Lamme, V. A., Supèr, H., Landman, R., Roelfsema, P. R., & Spekreijse, H. (2000). The role of primary visual cortex (V1) in visual awareness. Vision research, 40(10), 1507-1521. Read More
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