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The capabilities of NextGen FAA technologies were reviewed as to the benefits that can be gained in the pape. This paper recommends pursuing the development and implementation of NextGen FAA partly for the benefits and partly because it can actually reap more revenues for the government…
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Transformation to NextGen Aviation Technology
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Download file to see previous pages Pilot projects in Alaska and Phoenix showed remarkable cost savings. However, in many other airports, there was a general lack of compliance with the recommended procedures needed to realize the desired benefits. There was a lack of information about the extent of corresponding training and orientation of pilots to the new system.
Funding NextGen’s multi-billion dollar projects encountered difficulties as a result of tight government budgetary constraints. and also partly because the reports generated by FAA did not show a general trend towards realizing cost benefits. As of the latest development, Congress decided to cut the budget of FAA in the absence of other sources of funds. And the Department of Transportation along with FAA had recommended the closure of 168 Control Towers. This project points out the lack of transparency for arriving at the decision to sequester those towers along with reducing employment at the FAA by removing controllers. There were several other less important non-operations aspects that have less value than the control towers and the controllers but were not even reported to Congress as options for budget cuts. What this project recommends is not a budget cut but the FAA’s initiatives to generate revenues with the NextGen FAA technology’s benefits to offer in exchange for justifiable fees. Along with the implementation, there ought to be more thorough training and development of pilots, promotions to the owners of aircraft, and more relevant performance reports that show cost benefits. All these insights were gained out of critically evaluating the available reports of FAA. In the final analysis, it would appear that there is no need to reduce the budget for FAA.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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