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What Is a Persuasive Essay?

What Is a Persuasive Essay?

By StudentShare


Persuasive Essay Topics - What Is a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is similar to an argumentative essay. In fact, in some quarters the two terms are used almost interchangeably. A persuasive essay seeks to convince the reader about the writer’s point of view by applying facts, statistics, real-life examples and other scholarly precedents. A good persuasive essay will entail bits of personal opinion which should be backed up by verifiable fact. An argumentative essay, on the other hand, takes more of a discussion format, although the implications of both types of essays are one and the same.

In developing such essays, you should have a solid opinion with a stand, and that stand should be backed up by the facts. Therefore, when choosing persuasive writing topics, you should settle for a topic or an area that you have a keen interest in already. You should be willing to delve into deep research for the subject area and support all your opinions or claims with real-life facts, statistics and other scholarly references that support the same idea.

If you don’t know the first thing about writing persuasive essays, lack persuasive essay ideas or are looking for interesting persausive paper topics, you have definitely come to the right place. Our professional writers will assist you in your quest to create the best type of paper either by taking up the writing challenge for you, or by availing a wide array of ideas and topics for persuasive essays that you can learn from.

What Makes Good Persuasive Essay Topics?

Like their name suggests, persuasion topics should be just that – persuasive. If you are going to pick a topic, let it be significant not just for you, but to the reader as well. You might end up settling for a persuasive essay topic in which the reader doesn’t have much knowledge. In this case, it might be easier to convince the reader in your opinion. However, the likelihood is that your professor who assigned the paper already has much knowledge in the entire subject realm in which case it is impossible to get away with a shallow paper.

So how does one come up with opinion essay topics that stand out? It is important to remember that these papers will require one to do a good amount of research, therefore it is crucial that the student takes up a topic that they are interested in. This makes the research process not only easier but even funnier. The topics for a persuassive essay that you choose should leave you room for introspection even outside the classroom when you have a chance to brainstorm the essay ideas.

Persuasive essay topics shouldn’t be too wide. They should be narrow enough for the writer to focus their entire study and research, and be able to collect and present evidence without being overwhelmed.

Opinion Essay Topics | Pro-Tips for Writing Your Essay

These essays will typically apply the structure of the argumentative essay genre. The structure should follow the Introduction-Main Body-Conclusion format, and all their in-betweens. A quality of good persuasive essay topics is that they are debatable in the mind even before they ever get to the paper. This quality allows writers to adhere to this essay format, by planning out an explosive introduction, with an instant hook and an opinionated thesis statement. The thesis statement will set up the arguments or claims that you aim to use for your debate.

The best persuasive essay topics will allow writers to stick to the correct structure without them losing the coherent train of their thoughts, and without dawdling on their position. Often, the audience will determine what kind of argument approach the writer will take. Determine the kind of evidence to be included in the study and what kind of structure the essay will take. It is always good advice to settle for persuasive argument topics that you can break down into several smaller arguments and support these arguments based on the facts.

Typically, the persuasive essay topics that you choose should be wide enough so that in-depth research is allowed and narrow enough to keep the interest of the reader locked without veering off course unnecessarily.

Each claim should be supported by a fact or another acceptable evidence (three is a good number of them). Possible rebuttals should also be offered if required by the rubric although this is a format that is more typical of argumentative essays.

The closing should be a succinct conclusion which reaffirms the position statement taken by the thesis, and closing support for the opinion.

For persuasive research paper topics, you should go for referenceable topics which you can include citations and in-text references or footnotes. The rubric presented will most likely contain the desired citation technique depending on your discipline, whether MLA, Harvard Chicago etc. It is imperative that you use a verifiable fact and produce research evidence and referenceable material in your persuasive research essay. The research essay may also adhere to a more stringent structure and is popular in STEM fields and Law.

We offer easy persuasive speech topics in most high school subjects and college disciplines that you can start out with if you want to improve your own writing.

Personal Stake Is Very Important When Choosing a Persuasive Essay Topic

Pursuasive paper topics require you to have an interest in that subject if the paper is going to stand out. The topic might be controversial but it requires you as the writer to think a lot about it before you decide to dive right in and make your mark.

Simple persuasive speech topics that you can consider range from topics such as childhood responsibility and learning, while more difficult topics may cover highly polarizing issues such as Planned Parenthood, Stem Cell research, Gun Laws, Immigration, Trade Policy and religion among others.

When writing a paper, you should always assume that you are talking to the audience that already has some sort of knowledge on the issue. This will enable you to get both the obvious facts and those which might be obscured from view.

Use Our Persausive Paper Topics To Create Your Own Great Paper

Our persuasive paper topics have been tried and tested by students from all over the world, and they are based on years of research and study. We provide samples that you can use in case you need to learn more about writing persuasive essays in general, and in some of the most disciplines in college and graduate level. We also have knowledge of the various citation techniques that may be required of you.

If you need a persuasive essay urgently, the best place to start would be our team of professional writers who are experts in essay debate. We offer guarantees such as:

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