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Persuasive - Essay Example

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Leadership can be defined as a persuasive communication skill which inspires others to achieve a common goal. Leadership in all areas assumes special meaning because it…
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Extract of sample "Persuasive"

Download file to see previous pages Indeed, certain basic assumptions about the leadership qualities especially which relates to the individual approach of tackling issues and objectives, may create a vast difference to the results achieved. While leader is endowed with many qualities but exemplary leaders is one who encourages freedom of choice.
Leaders are not pre defined and molded into certain stature. They are people who may be in the position to influence and motivate others to give their best. Organizational leadership assumes special meaning because it motivates and encourages others to strive towards common goals with renewed enthusiasm. It is equally important that certain basic assumptions about the organizational leadership qualities especially which relate to the individual approach of tackling issues and objectives, may create a vast difference to the results achieved. Leadership assumes special meaning because it motivates and encourages that target group within the population that plays a crucial part in the future of nation building processes. Through effective communication and dissemination of information, the leadership promotes empowerment. It is vital for leaders to empower other people so that their decision making power is greatly enhanced through exercising informed choices effectively.
Empowerment can be broadly defined as freedom to exert one’s choices for their own good by implementing them. In the contemporary time, empowerment has become one of the most crucial issues among the masses as it directly influences the welfare of the individuals and the society at large. Empowerment facilitates realization of self worth, instilling self confidence in one’s ability to make independent decisions about themselves, especially with relation to their socio-economic and political decisions. Hence, an empowered person has more options and freedom to transform those choices into concrete action plans for the betterment of self and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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