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Persuasive Speech - Essay Example

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I will first and foremost solicit the attention of the target audience by affiliating to an attention engaging standpoint like, “The American students who are not conversant in a foreign language may lose the race in the global job market (Standpoint).”…
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Persuasive Speech
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Extract of sample "Persuasive Speech"

of the English of the Concerned 27 July An Essay on Persuasive Speech The chosen topic for my persuasive speech is The Need to Teach Foreign Languages in High School. While delivering this speech it is important for me to engage the target audience. The target audience in this case are parents, teachers and policy makers who are very much involved in the education of the young Americans (audience analysis). I will first and foremost solicit the attention of the target audience by affiliating to an attention engaging standpoint like, “The American students who are not conversant in a foreign language may lose the race in the global job market (Standpoint).” Than I will appeal to the values of the target audience by saying that, “Hard work, tenacity and competitiveness are the quintessential American values (values). Yet when it comes to the job market, it is imperative that the hard work engaged in by the young Americans tends to be strategic in its nature and scope (speech). Otherwise in the global job markets, the future Americans will lose to the nations that are pursuing a planned, systematic and coordinated approach towards teaching young people (speech).” Once I succeed in soliciting the attention of the target audience, I will proceed to point out the commonalities that the share by saying that “The hard working American parents do not hesitate from spending money to facilitate the best education for their children. With these sacrifices and commitment comes a great many expectations also. The parents do believe that the American education system will endow their children with the apt skills and abilities that will make them successful in life. The policy makers look to it that the American education system arms the future professionals with the required skills and talents. The teachers make it a point to align the school education with the outside job requirements (search for commonalities).” Once this is done, I will seek to unleash the supporting material in an attempt to seek the audience trust and confidence, by presenting the information that they are already aware of. This supporting material will be somewhat like, “It is a known fact that the in the contemporary Western economies, the less technology intensive jobs pertaining to manufacturing are being delegated to the industrial units placed in the emerging economies like India and China. So it is plausible to assume that a great many of the administrative and managerial jobs related to the manufacturing sector will also shift to these nations. The prospective managers and administrators of today need to think about their careers in a global context and when it comes to serving in the foreign markets, the knowledge of a foreign language could arm a job seeker with a cutting edge. On the contrary, the students who do not know a foreign language could not expect much in a globalized job scenario (supporting materials.)” While delivering these facts I will make it a point to provide the audience with hand outs carrying the supporting material like the statistical information about the global job markets that will show that the students knowing a foreign job have better job prospects (handover, supporting material). By now, I am sure that the audience will be tentatively got convinced regarding the importance of learning foreign languages. This will help me accrue credibility around the topic on which I am delivering the speech. Then I will proceed to further bolster my credibility by presenting diverse facts supporting my argument like, “It is but self evident that an individual knowing a foreign language or languages is more likely to get employed in a globalized economy. Besides, knowing a foreign language also broadens the contacts and network of a student, thereby making it more likely that one will get access to a larger number of job opportunities and career prospects. Thereby a school system and curriculum that does not lay stress on the teaching of foreign languages is more likely to be faulty, outdated and limiting in its scope (credibility, diversity)”. Finally, I will wrap up my speech by appealing to the audience in an emotive language such as, “Therefore, if you really have the welfare of your children at heart and if you really want that your children do not fizzle out in today’s globalized job scenario, than it is a must that you look to it that your children are taught foreign languages in high school, so that they are better prepared for the future possibilities (language that appeals to the audience).” Finally I will present the closing points that will reinstate the crux of my speech like, “The contemporary job possibilities are globally scattered. Young people knowing a foreign language command a competitive edge. So make sure to teach your children foreign languages at High School (closing points).” Read More
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