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How to Write an Analytical Essay

How to Write an Analytical Essay

By StudentShare

How to Write an Analytical Essay? How To Begin?

For most people, the simplest definition of an analytical essay is one which provides an analysis and summary of a text. However, how to write analytical essay goes beyond just regurgitating material from what you have read and providing a summary of it. There’s a huge difference between an analytical essay and a book report. While providing some sort of summary, the ultimate aim of an analytical essay is to shed light on the specific aspects of the text such as themes, characters, plot and other smaller elements of the entire literary work. An analytical essay is also not limited to literature and writing. One can also be asked to analyze a film, a piece of art or drama, etc.

When writing an analytical essay  you will have to develop an informed observation of certain elements of the source that you are reading or viewing from. There are different types of analysis that include:

  • Literary analysis essay: This is the most common type of analytical paper when students need to analyze a piece of literature either in part or in full. It can explore various elements of the text such as themes, plots, history or the use of certain stylistic devices in the text.
  • Rhetorical analysis essay: This will require the writer to reprove a fact that is already known to an assumed audience that is skeptical of those facts or doesn’t quite comprehend the literature. It is often used in the sciences and mathematics, this kind of paper is strictly based on logic and fact.
  • Character analysis essay. This type often presupposes the analysis of the transition of characters throughout the entire text, their relationships, personalities, traits and other elements which will make the reader understand them better.
  • Poetry Analysis essay: Poems may be a bit difficult for everyone to understand. This essay explains what the poem is about.
  • Causal analysis essays: This is basically an essay built on the question ‘Why?’ The writer attempts to explain the cause of a situation and the possible ramifications.

Preparation for Your Analytical Paper

The answer to how to start an analytical essay in the best way derives directly from how much knowledge you have of whatever sources you are analyzing. If a topic is already provided then you have to do a thorough background research on that topic while filling in the gaps for your paper. If you have the benefit of selecting the topic to study, it is important to go for a subject that you are interested in.

The paper that you are writing will derive from a thesis question that you come up with. When trying to answer the question of how to write an analytical essay in the best way, go for a strong and confounding thesis statement. The Title that you choose should draw direct interest in your thesis. The best analytical paper will contain clear and succinct thesis questions. There should be no ambiguity on what the study aims to achieve.

In your research, you are supposed to collect evidence from the sources that you have been told to study. Remember that you will be required to present your own view-points of the thesis question, and to avoid any unnecessary summaries or reproductions if you’re learning how to write an analysis essay.

It is always important to remember that research and creating a template is the thing when you wonder how to start an analysis essay.

Analytical Essay | What Is the Proper Format?

Once you have completed research on the thesis question and have covered all the specifics for the literary source, it is time to start writing your draft. Analytical essays typically use the Introduction-Main Body-Conclusion format for essays. This analytical essay format isn’t requisite but is usually typical for most essays in this category, unless the rubric presented requires something different.

Writing an analytical essay that stands out the student need to carefully organize their train of thoughts from the introduction to the conclusion. If you are analyzing a character as part of the essay, your Introduction would begin with a hook and then a brief synopsis of the character in context.

The hook is used to lay an impact on the importance of your analysis and draws the reader’s attention. You would then move forward to the contextual history and the thesis statement. The main body is usually divided into arguments and refutations. The thesis statement in an analyze paper outline is crucial because it links all the other parts of the paper and leads your reader into the main body of your essay which is the most important.

How To Start an Analytical Essay | Develop Your Hook

The proper start on how to write an analysis paper would be with a catchy title, a hook, a brief introduction that should place the entire study you are about to embark on into context and fluidly moving this into the thesis statement. It is important to rope in your reader as soon as possible and the best way to do this is through the hook.

In any analytical essay example that you get you will notice one thing: the introduction part sets the tone for the rest of the entire paper. Get this section and you will have developed a proper roadmap for how to write an analytical paper.

How to Write an Analysis Paragraph | Important Tips

How to write an analysis paragraph: this is probably the most important part of your entire essay. In this section, you introduce your arguments through succinct topic sentences. Originality is an important part of writing for this section, and you should be able to produce your own independent analysis even if you are going to make use of sources and references. Your analysis should also be based on evidence from the source text. If you want to know how to write an analytical paper in an assigned topic, the best approach is to read other scholarly works. This provides you with a wide array of perspectives and helps you quickly formulate your own independent opinions.

Evidence is an important part of developing your argument. Typically, anything above three sources is appropriate to give you a solid essay paragraph.

Your analytical essay outline should contain a summary at the end of each paragraph that you present, typically no more than one statement.

The conclusion is the final part of this paper and it should reinforce your views on the subject and tie up any loose ends existing in the essay. Don’t introduce any new facts or points in this section and keep it short and clear.

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